Friday, December 12, 2014

We've just returned from a fantastic [next] that was exciting to share with so many of you - both in person and via WebEx (What? TTI/Vanguard now offered WebEx? Yes, that is right - when our clients can't come to the content, we'll bring the content to them!). If you'd like to check out the videos from Reprogramming Programming or [next], please connect with Claudia Miklas for web access,

Advisory Board Member Eric Haseltine has 2 Regional Breakfast Meetings scheduled for Boston on January 20 and Washington, DC on January 21. In both cities, we’ll begin with breakfast at 8 am and then have a discussion from 8:30 until 10:30 am. “Ten Myths of Cyber Security” is too important to miss so please do mark your calendar and invite your colleagues. Email announcements will be sent shortly but you can RSVP early by simply emailing Lisa Yao at

Advisory Board Member Doug Lenat snuck out of [next] for 10 minutes last week to be featured on 24 Hours on Earth. 24 Hours on Earth is a worldwide conference based in Marseille and linked with interviewees all around the world. Leading experts joined via skype to discuss environmental issues, science and society. 2014 is the 30th anniversary of the festival and this year’s theme is the change of our lives in the past 30 years and next 30 years.

The privacy-first smartphone, Blackphone (Jon Callas, London, Jul 2014), is being enhanced with, on the one hand, the ability to erect a wall between personal and professional uses with Graphite Software's Spaces and, on the other hand, the launching of its own app store that promises to include only apps that meet the phone company's strong no-snooping standards.

iRobot (Colin Angle, Boston, April 2014) is releasing a nonvacuuming version of its Roomba, specifically to be a hackable robot and to enhance STEM education. Moreover, iRobot will be the lead organizer of National Robotics Week, to be held April 4-12, 2015 (events currently scheduled in Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Texas, with more to come: )

This musical parody by NASA interns related to work on Orion, "All About That Space," is definitely good fun and kept us all in good spirits this week:

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