Friday, May 1, 2020

As you may have seen in our newsletter, we’re moving our June conference from Brooklyn to virtual. While we will miss seeing you in person this June, we’re looking forward to presenting many of the same speakers—and some new ones as well. The theme of Ubiquitous AI will be well represented—from emotive robots to the dark web and from ethical algorithms to contactless last-mile deliveries. In addition, we’ll look at how AI is creating a new hub economy unlike any we’ve ever seen, and how smart devices are slicing our attention into ever-slimmer slivers of productivity.

In addition, we have a bunch of new programming—webinars and podcasts—to keep you abreast of inspiring and disruptive ideas and technologies. Each of these efforts may be accessed in real-time (lots of save-the-dates below) and in recorded form, available in our online archive.

Here’s what we have done so far and what we have scheduled. Please save these dates and keep an eye out for more sessions as we announce them. We look forward to seeing you virtually!

Our April 2 webinar, “Transportation, Supply Chains, and Global Economies,” took an in-depth look at some early effects of the coronavirus pandemic through a session with economist Phil Levy, interviewed by Editorial Board Member Ellen Levy.

In addition, we launched a new podcast, “TTI/Vanguard’s Conversations on Technology,” last week with four episodes:

For our second webinar, we are teaming up with Editorial Board Member Laurie Yoler and venture capital firm Playground Global to take a further look at logistics and remote collaboration, with demos and talks from four coronavirus-relevant start-ups:

Webinar: Logistics and Supply Chains: Four Timely Start-ups

May 5, 1pm-3:15pm EST

Host: Laurie Yoler, General Partner, Playground Global

Featured Speakers:

  • Elram Goren, Co-Founder & CEO, Fabric (micro-fulfillment centers close to city centers, making one-hour deliveries)
  • Michael Martin, Co-Founder & CEO, RapidSOS (sends data from any connected device to 911 and first responders)
  • Daniel Hawkins, Founder & CEO, Avail MedSystems (allows doctors to collaborate remotely on surgeries)
  • Anshu Prasad, Founder & CEO, Leaf Logistics (AI delivery planning to keep trucks full in both directions)

Registration Link:

Virtual Field Trip:A Virtual Interval with the Long Now Foundation

Host: Alexander Rose, Executive Director, The Long Now Foundation & Founder and Curator, The Interval

Save the date: Tuesday, May 26, 1pm-3pm EST

Just because our June meeting will be virtual, that’s no reason not to have a field trip!

Founded by Stewart Brand and Danny Hillis on the principle of long-term thinking, the Long Now Foundation plans for the future in the time-frame of civilization itself: 10,000 years. As executive director—and field trip guide—Alexander Rose will tour The Interval—the acclaimed bar, cafe, museum, and home of The Long Now Foundation. And we will explore the 10,000 year clock, the first of many millennial clocks the designers hope will be built around the world and throughout time.

Virtual Field Trip:A Virtual Interval with the Long Now Foundation

Host: Alexander Rose, Executive Director, The Long Now Foundation & Founder and Curator, The Interval

Save the date: Tuesday, May 26, 1pm-3pm EST

June Conference: Ubiquitous AI

AI and the Rise of Hub Firms

Save the date: Tuesday, June 2, 1pm-3:15pm EST

The Darker Side of AI: Ethics & more

Save the date: Tuesday, June 9, 1pm-3:15pm EST

Robots and Emotion: The Psychology and Neurophysiology of Attention

Save the date: Tuesday, June 16, 1pm-3:15pm EST

Robotics and Coronavirus: Three Startup

Save the date: Tuesday, June 23, 1pm-3:15pm EST

I always welcome your feedback and input on TTI/Vanguard's programs and especially in our new formats, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. See you in the Sprawl!

Steven Cherry

Author: Steven Cherry

Director of TTI/Vanguard, “a unique forum for senior-level executives that links strategic technology planning to business success. In private conferences that are part classroom, part think-tank, and part laboratory, its members—corporate and government leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and academics—explore emerging and potentially disruptive technologies.”

Twenty years experience as a technology journalist and editor, at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Founded the award-winning podcast series, Techwise Conversations covering tech news, tech careers and education, and the engineering lifestyle. Teaches an intensive writing class as an adjunct instructor at NYU. Previously taught essay writing and creative writing at The College of New Rochelle.

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