TTI/Vanguard 2021 Proposed Conference Topics

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Collaboration: During 2020, many adopted the rallying cry, “We are in this together.” And plenty of organizations walked the walk - public and private partnerships expanded, competitors faced to partner up with each other to expedite research, and collaboration tools like Zoom leapt from professional-only to everything tools. We’ll explore the best practice, largest trends and the tools bringing those trends to life.

Small AI: Sure, AI is a big trend but much of the fastest applications are small - molecular, even. Alan Kay once quipped at a TTI/Vanguard meeting, “Who cares about big data? Give me big understanding.” And it seems that AI is rapidly developing into a tool to identify the smallest bits of data and to expand our understanding of them.

The Future of Work: Not since The Industrial Revolution has work been as disrupted as it was in 2020. Business travel, watercooler chat, in-person meetings rapidly hit the skids when covid-19 hit the world. How is work being reimagined? Who is leading the charge of research and tools to make our lives as productive and as live-able as possible?

360: We’ll take a holistic look at the technology pain points most hurting large organizations today.  What are the current and next-gen solutions and start-ups addressing the most pressing problems? And which organizations are turning crisis into opportunity?

Energy: Non-renewable energy sources may have gotten whiplash recently amidst price volatility. So is now the time that renewables find their place in the sun (or wind)? We’ll see. Let’s see where the possibilities lie for energy storage, mobility, size and scope.