Steven Cherry Tributes

In the midst of covid-19, we can’t quite get together in-person to toast Steven on his retirement. We’ve collected some of our thoughts here, only as a temporary placeholder until we can have a proper send-off.


Kelly Baughman

Steven - For six plus years you have been my office mate, lunch date, happy hour at events date, life advice partner and so much more. The best part of our office days were the loads of laughs… and I do mean the crying, stomach aching, can’t breathe laughs. Won’t be the same without you. Enjoy the next chapter and see you soon.  


Joy Boston

Steven has a keen sense of what ideas or technologies will bubble up soon and become disruptive. This is evident from our members who have told me repeatedly how much they enjoyed the talks and how much they’ve gotten out of the meetings Steven had programmed. Personally, Steven is a fun and professional colleague to work with. I will miss my trips with Steven visiting our members tremendously.


Bryan Fox

The voice of wisdom and wit on the other side of the partition. A fantastic drinking buddy who introduced me to Other Half, Finback and so many more. I enjoyed our many long talks covering the politics, technology, philosophy and family. You put everything in context. I’m pretty sure you won every bet we ever made. I raise my glass to you Steven Cherry!


Len Kleinrock

Steve, my Bronx Science younger classmate, you have been a shining light at TTI/Vanguard and have produced enchanting, high-content and surprising events over these past 7 years.  You have shown your strength in things technical when you moderated chat sessions with some amazing folks (e.g., the Haseltine/Gandy chat) and have also impressed me with your physical strength in rock-climbing!  I continue to admire the way you have managed to populate our sessions with star speakers as well as budding experts.  I have fully enjoyed our technical discourses and look forward to them continuing as you take your leave of program director to serve as kibitzer on the editorial advisory board, Spectrum podcaster and NYU faculty (a world with which I am familiar and can advise you on how to avoid the unmatchable academic infighting).  I thank you for your years of service to this eclectic group and institution - well done and bon voyage buddy.


Nancy Kleinrock

It has been a delight to have Steven on the TTI/Vanguard team. Not only has he drawn together a wide range of exciting and insightful speakers and shared his depth of knowledge about beer, but he has also helped me become a more polished writer. Thanks for the time together, Steven.


Robin Lockett

Once Steven and I developed our rhythm of working together, it’s been like our own personal symphony. I’ve really enjoyed working with him on our conferences; he’s become a true partner. He’s helped me think about things differently and I enjoy seeing how his mind evaluates situations, considering every angle. Within all his intellect, there is a level of compassion and joy that permeates his decisions, it’s a beautiful attribute to experience. 


Claudia Miklas

Steven was key in programming TTI/Vanguard’s content and was our technology expert. Behind the scenes, he played the essential role of architect for every conference agenda, which engaged us to think, ask questions, network, collaborate, and ideate. Most of all, I will miss Steven joining me on member calls and visits, where we have built long lasting relationships. Personally, I hope he still keeps me up-to-date about great movies and good beer (even though I do not drink.) Very best of luck to you on your next chapter!


David Reed

Since I first encountered Steven, it was clear that he brought and brings remarkable insight to the complicated and evolving engineering and science research activities as they played out. He loves engaging with the people involved as well, as a communicator and connector. With all that, what stands out for me is that he has earned the respect and friendship of everyone he has worked with. I'm sure TTIV will miss him.


Tony Shaw

Steven’s depth and breadth of knowledge always astounds me. He is the perfect example of someone who has forgotten way more than I will ever know. Thanks Steven, for so many years of goodwill, generous spirit, and craft beer-soaked conversation!


Lisa Yao

Steven brought an incomparable breadth and depth to TTIV. His vast wealth of technical and historical knowledge gave not only insight but context to our community. For the past 7 years, he has been a colleague, a friend, a wordsmith, an editor, a travel companion and a compère.  Steven was not always right. No futurist ever is. But he knew when to swing for the fences and when to be cautious. He combined the skepticism of a journalist with the humanity of a philosopher. He can be lyrically articulate or factually concise - and he often figured out a way to combine the two. We’ll miss him on our team but are grateful to retain him on the TTI/Vanguard Editorial Board.