Friday, November 14, 2014

The comet landing was—and still is! Hang in there, Philae!—certainly the most exciting about this week, but plenty of other news kept us busy:

Advisory Board Member Gordon Bell (of the eponymous Gordon Bell Prize) has his finalists on pins & needles; the prize will be awarded next week!  See the short list here:

Many of our community members have long been outspoken about the importance of net neutrality.  Now Barack Obama declared that the net should be treated like a utility. Advisory Board Member David Reed received a mention in this month's MIT Technology Review. His paper “End-to-End Arguments in System Design,” with Saltzer and Clark, is often cited as the key formulation of net neutrality.

GitHub (Chris Wanstrath, Vancouver, October 2010), the leading platform for social coding, announced the release of a faster, more flexible version of GitHub Enterprise with improved code review and project management; the new version can be deployed on Amazon Web Services (Charlie Bell, Santa Monica, December 2007).

Bill Maurer (Pittsburgh, Oct 2012) spoke about the history of money in its many instantiations, bringing it into the present with a discussion of Kenya's M-Pesa mobile payment platform. Now Bill and Melinda Gates (Bill spoke at TTI/V back in Seattle, September 1995) are putting their considerable resources to the issue of the world’s unbanked:

All very cool stuff, but sorry, we’re still obsessed with the comet. The triumphs and complexities for Rosetta¹s Philae are all about fuel and communications. As it happens, that’s also true of the valiant attempt by a handful of civilians this summer to rescue the long-abandoned International Sun-Earth Explorer-3 (ISEE-3) probe—a story we¹ll hear at next month¹s [next] meeting in San Francisco, from one of those civilians, Dennis Wingo.

Live long and prosper!

The TTI/Vanguard Team

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