Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top 10 movies, top 10 songs, even top 10 foods of 2015; apparently there’s no way to end a year without a top 10 list. And so, we at TTI/Vanguard have succumbed.

Assuming no one spikes the eggnog, we’ll be back with a regular newsletter on January 8. In the meantime, re-watch these talks in the archive; let us know any other lessons you took away from our 2015 meetings; and have a Happy New Year!

—The TTI/Vanguard Team


10 Things We Learned in 2015

1. Nanotubes are getting real

  • Julia R. Greer, “Materials by Design: 3-Dimensional Nano-Architected Meta-Materials”
  • Subhasish Mitra, “Computing Performance: The N3XT 1,000X”


2. Bio-manufacturing is here

  • Reshma Shetty, “The World's First Organism Engineering Foundry”
  • Tiger Tao, “Advanced Materials and Manufacturing for Life Sciences”
  • Christina Smolke, “New Bio-Based Supply Chains for Drugs”


3. The blockchain is a new form of networking, distribution, and authentication

  • Vitalik Buterin, “Ethereum: Building the Decentralized World, Made Easy”


4. Video is a new trove of data and understanding

  • Rajiv Maheswaran, “Data in Motion: Cities, Logistics, and the NBA”
  • Michael Rubinstein, “Invisible Motion in Video”

5. There’s a virtuous cycle to big data, supercomputer simulation, and 3-D modeling/verification

  • Amanda Randles, “Using Massively Parallel Simulation to Study Disease”

6. 3-D printing doesn’t stop at the desktop

  • Behrokh Khoshnevis “3-D Printing Buildings and Other Large Components”

7. On beyond Google

  • Chris White, “Big Data Tools for the Dark Web”


8. The promise of energy-efficient fusion—no, really, this time might be it!

  • Dennis Whyte, “Smaller and Sooner Fusion Energy”


9. Lasers will be everywhere—inside cells, in lighting and opto-electronics, and eventually aerospace

  • Andy Yun, “Intracellular Microlasers”
  • Cun-Zheng Ning, “White Lasers and Possible Applications”
  • Dmitriy Tseliakhovich, “Disrupting Aerospace”

10. Innovation can be orchestrated, but true creativity often cannot

  • Daniel Bryson, “Creativity and Collaboration Workshop”
  • Ken Stanley, “Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned: The Myth of the Objective”

The TTI/Vanguard Team


Author: Steven Cherry

Director of TTI/Vanguard, “a unique forum for senior-level executives that links strategic technology planning to business success. In private conferences that are part classroom, part think-tank, and part laboratory, its members—corporate and government leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and academics—explore emerging and potentially disruptive technologies.”

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