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Intelligence, Natural and Artificial
June 11–12, 2018
Brooklyn, NY

June 13, 2018





conference overview
Technology has always been in the service of augmenting human capabilities. AI is our way of doing for mental work what the wheel, the plow, and the steam engine did for physical labor. Yet machine learning has the capability of going its own way, whether it’s Facebook bots inventing their own language or swarms of drones making collective decisions that can’t be attributed to any one node. What is the current state of the art, and how can we best harness its growing capabilities?

Topics to be explored
Smart everything. Data analysis. Human understanding. Human learning (e.g., “Algorithms to Live By”). Discovery. Programmable matter. Natural language processing. Visual recognition. TPUs and machine learning APIs. New networks and surveillance capitalism. Prediction. Neural Silicon Hybrids. Robot self-awareness. Complexity. AI and the future of work.

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