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Designing and Doing
March 6–7, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

USC’s Information Sciences Institute and Institute of Creative Technologies
March 5, 2018




conference overview
It’s a truism that information has to be actionable.

We’ll look at the tremendous progress that has been made making technology usable, notably in speech recognition and generation, image processing, and mobile interfaces. We’ll consider how the real-time use of sensors, big data, machine learning, and the cloud will further the process of weaning us from keyboards, buttons, and knobs as technology becomes ever more ubiquitous and effortless. And we’ll ask some bigger questions: How can we put our lives in the hands of algorithms and robots without understanding the actions they take? Why is it that iGen, the group younger than Millennials, is the most digital generation ever, and yet also the least happy? Has mobility paradoxically made us busier instead of less, and less creative instead of more?

Topics to be explored
Human-machine Interaction. User experience. Human factors engineering. Industrial Internet. Speech interfaces. Gesture interfaces. AR. Brain interfaces. VR. Information architecture. Making data understandable. Ethnography and culture. Lessons from biology. Prototyping. Gamification. Trust. Resiliency. Security. Privacy. Identity. Complexity. Adaptation and feedback loops. New forms of search. Access. The return of analog. Open systems as default. The attention economy. New programming interfaces. Controlling the home. Happiness.

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