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Upcoming Meeting:
An Afternoon of 5G at NYU Wireless with Sundeep Rangan, Marco Mezzavilla, David Reed, and Bob Lucky
Brooklyn, NY
October 26, 2016

Exploring New Applications in Data Discovery
Menlo Park, CA
November 17, 2016



"I really enjoyed today's meeting. Small size, lively conversations, I could see and feel the dynamism of the
wise discussion very well. I'd love to attend the next meeting."
—TTI/Vanguard member  

"My feedback is that it was a wonderful networking event and I had a number of great conversations as well as
the useful content from the actual meeting." —TTI/Vanguard member
In June 2013, we introduced a regional conference series to augment our five main meetings. In these smaller, shorter sessions, our members have an opportunity to connect with TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board members and guest speakers on topics with a vigor and depth that are only possible in a more intimate meeting. With four such events under our belt in 2013, we've already seen the enthusiasm with which members and invited guests challenge assumptions, brainstorm, educate one another, and disagree respectfully.

We have already received some wonderful feedback from these sessions and hope that all of our members will soon experience a TTI/Vanguard regional meeting. If you're already a TTI/Vanguard member, sign up for one today. If you're not, please contact Lisa McErlane Yao at


"I really enjoyed the meeting today. The group of attendees was very impressive, and there was excellent interaction." —TTI/Vanguard member   

"I think the intimate setting for this morning's event, along with the compelling material, made it very valuable.
And spending a morning with Gordon Bell is something many "techies" won't forget."
—TTI/Vanguard member

Past meetings:

"An Afternoon at the Internet Archive"
San Francisco, June 22, 2016

"A Morning of Cognitive Computing" with Stephen DeAngelis
London, May 25, 2016
Los Angeles, April 27, 2016
Atlanta, April 14, 2016
New York, NY, March 23, 2016
Washington, D.C., March 17, 2016

"The Future of Life"
Boston, June 5, 2015, with Michael Hawley and George Church

"Ten Myths of Cyber Security"
Boston, January 20, 2015, and Washington, D.C., January 21, 2015, with Dr. Eric Haseltine

"Business Applications of Cognitive Computing"
Four Seasons Hotel, Chicago, October 8, 2014, with Stephen DeAngelis and Doug Lenat

"Corporations Engaging With Entrepreneurs"
Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco, July 7, 2014, with Esther Dyson, Krisztina 'Z' Holly, and Ellen Levy

"Innovation in Big Organizations Is Hard —But Not Impossible"
Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C., May 15, 2014, with Robert Charette, Alan Kay & Len Kleinrock

"Seeds of Innovation"
Metropolitan Club, New York, May 13, 2014, with Alan Kay & Len Kleinrock

"Cellular Convergence and the Death of Privacy"
Metropolitan Club, New York, November 19, 2013, with Bob Lucky & Stephen Wicker

"The Internet Does Not Scale—But Clouds Do"
The Dorchester, London, November 14, 2013, with Peter Cochrane

"The Real Internet of Things (RIOT)"
Computer History Museum, San Jose, September 10, 2013, with Gordon Bell & Jim Gemmell

"The Social Cost of Entrepreneurship"
Four Seasons Hotel, Boston, June 4, 2013, with Nicholas Negroponte

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