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An Afternoon of 5G at NYU Wireless with Sundeep Rangan, Marco Mezzavilla, David Reed, and Bob Lucky
October 26, 2016
3:00PM—4:30PM Meeting/Lab Tour
4:30PM—5:30PM Cocktail Reception
NYU Wireless
2 Metrotech Center, 10th Floor,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
- Enter on Lawrence Street


For almost everyone, telephony now means cellular telephony, and, increasingly, broadband means wireless broadband. That makes the transition to 5G one of the most important technology developments of the next decade.

Our visit to NYU Wireless will begin with a short talk by its director, Sundeep Rangan, about millimeter waves and their role in 5G, leading to a broader discussion of the 5G development path, timeline, and use cases.

The design of a 5G network based on millimeter waves will be unlike prior generations of cellular service. Marco Mezzavilla, a post-doctoral fellow at NYU Wireless, will briefly tell us about Millilabs, a one-year-old spin-out that offers carriers a product for channel sounding and channel emulation.

How compatible is wireless broadband with the history and architecture underpinning the peer-to-peer Internet? TTI/Vanguard advisory board member Bob Lucky will lead a discussion about that between fellow board member David Reed and Sundeep Rangan.

We’ll conclude our visit with a tour of NYU Wireless’s labs, ending the day with a cocktail reception.

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