• Dynamicland Secures Partners, Wi-Fi Bomb Detection, 100-Gb/s Wireless Transmission

    August 24, 2018

    Design & Doing meeting in Los Angeles 2018, will no doubt remember Bret Victor’s mind-expanding session about Dynamicland, a spatial computing research lab prototyping "the world of the future," in which computing is a part of everyday life and blends seamlessly into simple human interactions. Cofounded by Victor and longtime TTI/V Advisory Board member Alan Kay, Dynamicland—the likely venue for the March 2019 meeting’s field trip—has just secured two major corporate partners for their 2019–2024 research program. They're looking for a few more partners to collaborate and share in their research. Contact Luke Iannini at to inquire.

  • Intel Inside iPhone? Empathy for Dave, Leaky ML

    August 17, 2018

    Congratulations to the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab on this week’s successful launch of the Parker Solar Probe, which TTI/Vanguard participants in the Sep 2017 field trip to APL observed both in simulation and actuality. As Jeff Chavis puts it, “Folks can now say they saw the first manmade object sent to the Sun!”

  • Intel Inside iPhone? Empathy for Dave, Leaky ML

    August 10, 2018

    Member firm Intel will likely be the big winner as Qualcomm confirmed this week that its chips will not be used in upcoming iPhones.

  • Robot Hearts, Hands and Minds

    August 03, 2018

    Have you registered yet for our upcoming Less is More (Washington, D.C., Sept 12-14) conference? The agenda promises efficiencies for any organization, the return of two all-time favorites, General Michael V. Hayden and Bruce Schneier, and others whose names you have not yet heard but whose presentations you will not forget. Join us for energy, IoT, AI, new materials, computer-aided programming, privacy, cybersecurity and much more.

  • Amazon Crashes AWS, Amazonbrary, Girl Scout STEM Badges

    July 27, 2018

    The irony of Amazon crashing its own servers with its biggest Prime Day ever can’t go unremarked. Charlie Bell (Santa Monica, Dec 2007) told TTI/Vanguard that AWS was an outgrowth of Amazon’s excess capacity, but, as Michael Stonebraker (Boston, Apr 2017) noted last year, database and server technologies are still not where we need them to be.

  • Fashion Custom Chip Wars, Parker Solar Probe, Robo Chemists

    July 20, 2018

    We at the TTI/Vanguard newsletter cull our material from current news. It is no secret that this week’s has been dominated not by advances in science and technology, but by politics, on which we choose not to take a public stance. We do, however, firmly believe in the integrity of the intelligence community.

  • Fashion GANs, California Net Neutrality Push, Morse Code

    July 13, 2018

    California, with an economy large enough to be the seventh-largest in the world, is putting its clout behind its own version of net neutrality (David Reed, San Francisco, May 2016; Vint Cerf, Philadelphia, Apr 2006).

  • Hot tech: 3-D Printing, Supercomputing, Biosecurity

    July 06, 2018

    Sure, 3-D printed parts (Jennifer Lewis, Miami, Dec 2011) aren’t as strong as their traditionally manufactured counterparts. But it turns out they can withstand heat pretty well: NASA “successfully hot-fire tested a [3-D printed] combustion chamber” at its Marshall Space Flight Center.

  • Accenture Plays Fair, Kroger Delivers, Progress Made on the Panopticon

    June 29, 2018

    The late John Perry Barlow’s autobiography (written with the help of longtime Rolling Stone reporter Robert Greenfield) is out. Mike Godwin, writing in Reason magazine, has a beautiful review.

  • Summit is Tops, Tak is Tops, The Weather Channel is Tops

    June 22, 2018

    The Highlights and Citations from last week’s meeting, Intelligence, Natural and Artificial, should be in the archive by the time you read this. Speaker presentations and videos are already there.