• Batteries of the Future and the “Internet of Things” (continued)

    July 08, 2015

    Advisory Board Member Gordon Bell has invited the TTI/Vanguard community to tune into the Microsoft Faculty Summit on July 8 (TODAY) and 9:

  • July: Innundata and the Fog of IT

    July 05, 2015

    Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking)

    By Christian Rudder

  • News, the Latest; Old Media vs New Media

    June 26, 2015

    Do you ever wonder what interesting new gadgets (or interesting new applications for old gadgets) are out there?  Well, you are in luck!  At our upcoming Inndundata meeting (Philadelphia, July 21–22, 2015), we’ll be hosting our very first Member Showcase. So please bring the latest inspiring toy that you backed on Kickstarter, the wildest thing that you made with Raspberry Pi or the most obscure app that you simply cannot live without.  Michael Hawley, Steven Cherry, Claudia Miklas are excited to tell you all about their Apple Watches – and all of us are excited to learn from each other. So please let us know what gizmo you are ready to share or what thingamajig you want to learn more about ( ) and, as always, we’ll work our hardest to connect you with likeminded folks.

  • A Graphene Light Bulb and the Future of Grocery Shopping

    June 19, 2015

    The summer solstice is this weekend, a rare holiday that’s fixed by nature itself: We can’t hog-tie the longest day of the year and move it to a nearby Monday. The solstice can even occur on June 22, though the next one won’t be for another 188 years. Will computers be 294 better by then?

  • Healthcare; technology to the rescue! The persistence of Google’s memory

    June 12, 2015

    We have a good-news update on John Perry Barlow. He’s definitely on the mend, and has moved from the hospital to a rehab facility.

  • Securing our future cyber-cities and solving an historic jigsaw puzzle

    June 08, 2015

    TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board Member, Grateful Dead lyricist and co-founder of the EFF—and a hell of a nice guy—John Perry Barlow has been hospitalized for some time now. Many of you noticed that he was absent from Detroit—a meeting and a city that was especially dear to him. On May 27, 2015, he went into total cardiac arrest and has since been revived. We cannot imagine a world without the heartbeat, hoof beat and drumbeat of John Perry Barlow. We know you join us in sending much light and love to his hospital room in San Francisco.

  • A Mind Controlled Limb, a 3D printed limb and the State of the AI Union

    May 29, 2015

    We’re not looking to initiate a disaster-of-the-week section, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t note the massive flooding in the U.S. Southwest, home to Advisory Board member Doug Lenat and several member organizations. Needless to say, technology can help, and various conference sessions in the past have addressed them (John Woodward on protecting critical infrastructures, Austin, Feb 2001; Pat Gambaro on business continuity, Washington D.C., Nov 2001; Art Botterell on resilient communications, Philadelphia, Apr 2006; Charles Perrow on diversity as a way of reducing risk, Philadelphia, Apr 2006;Michael Mastrandrea and Noah Diffenbaugh of the IPCC, San Francisco, Dec 2014; and many others) and will continue to do so. In the meantime, our hearts go out to everyone affected. We likely won’t devote an entire meeting to the implications of volatile weather (though we have considered it) but you’ll continue to see us address disaster recovery, contingency planning, real-time environmental assessment and all of the other elements that people and businesses need to survive such natural disasters.

  • 3D Printed Jet Engine, Mechanical Lock Breaker and Earth’s most photographed Spots

    May 22, 2015

    This is the week we say goodbye to Dave Letterman. Strangely enough, one of our favorite jokes of his is relevant to our next conference: “USA Today has come out with a new survey—apparently, three out of every four people make up 75% of the population.” In other news….

  • Room Service robot, Smartphone Doctor and a Gambling A.I.

    May 15, 2015

    Philadelphia is a city near and dear to us. We have members there, staff and Advisory Board members who have lived there, and a meeting planned there this summer. Our heart goes out to everyone affected by the rail tragedy this week. 

  • May: Making Stuff

    May 05, 2015

    Frugal Innovation: How to Do More with Less

    by Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu
    (Economist Books)