• Notes & News: 46 heads to 1600

    January 22, 2021

    Don’t forget to join us as we (virtually) travel to Israel on January 26th. Register today!

    All eyes were on Washington, DC this week as President Biden took the oath of office and officially became the United States of America’s 46th President. TTIV is proud of our many civil-servant, federal employee and government contractor members. We wish a smooth transition to all.

    In one of new Administration's first moves, 46 elevated the role of science advisor to cabinet-level status and nominated Eric Lander, founding director of MIT and Harvard’s Broad Institute, to head the Office of Science and Technology Policy. (Cyrus Wadia, Detroit, May 2015)


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  • Up, up & away! Newsletter

    January 15, 2021

    Please join us as we kick off our global start-up series with Israel on January 26th. Our current schedule is below with more great places (think UK, Africa, more!) in development.  Register today!

    Israel Startup Forum: Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 1:00 PM–3:30 PM EST
    New Zealand Startup Forum: Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 1:00 PM–3:30 PM EST
    Germany Startup Forum: Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 1:00 PM–3:30 PM EST


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  • Happy New Year! Newsletter

    January 08, 2021

    Happy New Year! One of our resolutions is to produce an outstanding virtual March meeting for our members. Do you have a story to share on how 2020 changed your workflow for good: What tools/tech/innovation proved invaluable? How relationships between employees and organizations will look going forward? How have networks changed? If you have a suggestion for a topic, we are all ears.

    In the meantime, we have much to look forward to. Israel, New Zealand, and Germany will be the first stops on a global start-up series kicking off this month. Register today!

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  • TTI/Vanguard Notes & News: Auld Lang Syne - December 18, 2020

    December 18, 2020

    There were not many dry eyes on the TTI/V team when the first covid-19 vaccine was administered to a nurse in New York on Monday. Godspeed to the much awaited vaccines as they make their much-needed way across the world.

    Also bringing us happiness is the TTI/V 2021 schedule:

    Of all the ravages of COVID-19, hampering the sustainable growth of the world’s 122 developing nations ranks right up there, as William Haseltine (San Diego, Feb 2015; San Jose, Feb 2012; Phoenix, Dec, 2008) opines. These nations need support from wealthy nations to avoid reverting to unsustainable economic development, such as ill-conceived logging or mining operations.


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  • TTI/Vanguard: Hyundai goes holiday shopping for robots - Newsletter Dec 11, 2020

    December 11, 2020

    Note from Lisa Yao: I've been looking for the silver linings of 2020 and, amidst plenty of tragic news, they do exist. One of the best was TTI/V’s virtual [next] conference which concluded on Tuesday. Thank you to legendary tech reporters John Markoff and Gregg Zachary for programming the meeting. Thank you to our speakers for inspirational talks. Thank you to our Advisory Board and members for fascinating questions. And thank you to our team—Kelly Baughman, Robin Lockett, and Nancy Kleinrock—who made [next] and everything else in 2020 better by their commitment to this community. [next] Highlights, videos, and available presentations are now posted in our archive.

    Looking ahead, mark your calendars! Our 2021 schedule is here:


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  • Notes & News: 2021 Calendar & More - December 10, 2020

    December 04, 2020

    TTI/Vanguard Notes & News: 2021 Calendar & More; December 10, 2020

    [next] 2020 has just one more session left. Please join us on Tuesday, December 8 for:

    George Church, Harvard University: Synthetic Biology, Aging Reversal, Machine Learning
    Julie Hanna, Kiva & Alphabet: From Moonshots to Blockchain to Sustainability
    John C. Mallery, MIT: Strategies and Tactics for Cyber Defense
    Ethan Rublee, farm-ng: Open Software for Tractors & Emerging Agro Innovations

    The first quarter of 2021 is already packed, thanks to Nancy Kleinrock.  Israel, New Zealand, and Germany will be the first stops on a global start-up series that she pioneered amidst decreased travel and increased desire for global connections.

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  • 2021 Conference and Virtual Event Calendar

    December 03, 2020

    Israel Startup Forum

    January 26, 2021♦ Virtual

    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

    New Zealand Startup Forum

    February 9, 2021♦ Virtual

    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

    Germany Startup Forum

    February 23, 2021♦ Virtual

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  • TTI/Vanguard: Happy Thanksgiving! Newsletter Nov 20, 2020

    November 20, 2020

    Did you enjoy Tuesday’s sessions as much as we did? From Jerry Kaplan’s contrarian take on AI’s impact on jobs to Monica Lam’s ambitious AI assistant program (plus plenty of stuff in between!), the day was a home run. Relive the magic or experience it for the very first time - videos will be posted today, Highlights will follow early next week. Hans Peter Brondmo, Chief Robot Whisperer at the Everyday Robot Project, X (formerly Google[x]) will kick off our next session on December 1st. Register today! 

    Mark your calendars! In addition to the two upcoming sessions of [next] on Dec 1 and 8, we’re excited to announce a series of international startup forums for early 2021: Jan 26, Israel; Feb 9, New Zealand; Feb 23, Germany. All will take place at 1 pm EST; stay tuned for further details.

    There has been quite the spate of encouraging news on the vaccine front this week: Pfizer–BioNTech was first to report (and then update) positive early COVID-19 vaccine trial results; Moderna’s are equally rosy, plus this Operation Warp Speed-backed entrant requires merely refrigeration, not a deep freeze, and that’s a big deal when it comes to distribution (Ellen Levy and Phil Levy, virtual meeting, Apr 2020; Mark Tibbitt, San Francisco, Dec 2016).

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  • Newsletter: Bats, Birds & Bias - November 13, 2020

    November 13, 2020

    [next] kicked off onTuesday with a knock-out round of speakers. And the hits will keep coming this Tuesday with Jerry Kaplan, Nick Melosh,Noemi Bonessio, Manu Prakash, Jeanette Garcia, and  Monica Lam. We emphasized transportation on the 10th and you’ll see some extra doses of material sciences on the 17th - but we’ve carefully worked each session to have something for everyone.

    Stay tuned for our first batch of videos and Highlights in the archives and please see our agenda and registration.

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  • November 6, 2020 Newlsetter: TTI/Vanguard: Drink to your (and the planet's) health

    November 06, 2020

    [next] begins on Tuesday. Please see our agenda and registration. The first session (topics and speakers below) kicks off on November 10th:

    Techno-Political Responses to the Pandemic
    Milana Trounce, MD, Faculty Mentor, Stanford Global Catastrophic Risk Initiative, Stanford

    Future of Urban Transportation: A Fireside Chat
    Tony Fadell, Member of original iPhone Team, Inventor of the iPod and Co-Founder of Nest
    John Markoff, former New York Times technology reporter and author Machines of Loving Grace: The Quest for Common Ground Between Humans and Robots


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