[next] Virtual Conference

Nov 10th - Dec 8th 2020

By 2030, Gen-Xers will be eligible for Social Security, and more than half of iGen (aka Generation Z) will be in the workforce. New cars will be electric and will drive themselves. Moore’s Law will have come to an end although progress in software, 6G connectivity, and machine learning will make it look like we’re still doubling computing performance. The first diseases will have fallen to CRISPR and other gene therapies, albeit with disturbing reports of unintended consequences. Companion robots will care for the elderly and infirmed, a rare silver lining to the way digital technologies have captured our rarest commodities—time and attention—to the point of addiction. The past two year’s worth of [next] agendas have included talks on these topics, as well as crypto-currencies, mass customization, the economics of climate change, hypermodern farming, and the future of economic mobility.


For questions, you can contact Robin Lockett at rlockett@ttivanguard.com or +1 213.631.5636.