Ubiquitous AI

Jun 2nd - Jun 23rd 2020

Even as car companies are pushing out their AV timelines to the mid-2020s, and the grand goal of general artificial intelligence inexorably approaches an ever-receding horizon, AI gets better and better in specific domains and is starting to show up everywhere. What is the future of customer service in age of chatbots and service robots? How will leadership models change when we’re managing AIs alongside people? Will AI make possible complete personalization and on-demand products—and if so, how will that change retail industries and their relationships with customers? What skills will we need in an age of AI? How are our own brains changing—and are they changing enough? Topics Include: visual search, chatbots, ecommerce, cybersecurity, healthcare, eldercare, autonomous vehicles, investment, workplace communication, navigation, recruiting and hr, logistics and supply chains, voice interfaces, language translation, cybersecurity, billing and accounting, games, toys, manufacturing, marketing, sales and customer service, social media, smart homes, songwriting, cooking, human augmentation

Times listed are Eastern Time (ET)

  • Tuesday June 2
  • Tuesday June 9
  • Monday June 15
  • Tuesday June 16
  • Monday June 22
  • Tuesday June 23

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