Sep 12th - Sep 13th 2017
The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner
Washington, D.C.

Risk and security can no longer be separated, if they ever could. In fact, at some companies, cybersecurity is being moved from its corporate silo into a broader basket of risk management. The argument has been made that Target had the right strategy in neglecting cybersecurity; the hit from being hit, they say, still cost it less than the costs and friction of a proper cybersecurity strategy, which may not have been effective anyway. That view is too cynical for most organizations, but a realistic assessment that puts cybersecurity as just one element in a broad framework of costs, risks, and rewards is surely in order.

We’ll look at a variety of risks that need to be managed, focusing on those introduced by computer systems, mobile devices, IoT, and cloud computing. We’ll also consider the tensions and tradeoffs among security, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and privacy.

  • Monday September 11
  • Tuesday September 12
  • Wednesday September 13
  • Thursday September 14
Field Trip

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

We will be visiting the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, a vibrant University Affiliated Research Center that has provided critical contributions to the nation’s critical challenges for 75 years. This visit will have a threefold focus: cybersecurity, space, and robotics/prosthetics; recurring themes will be visualization and collaboration.

During our field trip we will experience the cybersecurity-related data visualization resources of the LIVE Lab (LIVE = live data, integration, validation, and experimentation); the collaborative problem-solving environment of Cyber Central; how AR can enhance the process of mechanical design, with the Solar Probe Plus spacecraft as a case study; the high-res imagery from New Horizons Pluto fly-by spacecraft, which APL engineered; and a prosthetic arm with direct neural control and feedback, created in the Intelligent Systems Center.


The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner

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McLean, Virginia, USA 22102
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