New Zealand Startup Forum

Feb 9th 2021

The founder of Quidnet Ventures, TTI/Vanguard community member Mark Bregman, has his pulse on the startup scene in New Zealand and cultivates the most promising Kiwi entrepreneurs as they develop their firms and enter the U.S. market. This virtual field trip will feature four New Zealand firms, including two in the Quidnet portfolio: Aider is a digital assistant for SMEs that communicates through natural language and integrates information from across dozens of business apps; Dawn Aerospace is building space planes to take off and land at conventional airports, transporting payloads to and from near-Earth orbit. Moreover, we will hear from Mint Innovation, which extracts metals (Cu, Fe, Sn, Au) from electronic waste, in part with the assistance of microbes; and BioLumic, which exploits UV photomorphogenesis to accelerate the growth rate of seedlings and improve agricultural yields.


For questions, please contact:

Robin Lockett at