May 3rd - May 4th 2016
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
San Francisco

Bell’s Law of Computer Classes predicted the smartphone decade, and that it’s about give way to a class whose typical members are millimeter-scale sensors. At the same time, “The Network Is the Computer” is steadily becoming our reality. There’s no better time to discuss the many topics that aggregate around Networks, Sensors, & Mobility. 


AKRAM BOUKAI, Silicium Energy
Harvesting Energy from Heat  

The Internet of Moving Things  

JAY GARDNER, Wind + Wing Technologies
Wind-Powered Ferries 
CHARLIE BOGUE, Wind + Wing Technologies
Wind-Powered Ferries 

Securing the Internet of Things  

ROBERT W. HEATH, University of Texas
Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems—The Future of 5G   

CHIH-MING HO, UCLA School of Engineering
Phenotypic Personalized Medicine  

BREWSTER KAHLE, Internet Archive
Locking the Web Open  

Location Based Services and the Internet of Things  

ALEX KENDALL, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
A Deep Learning Framework For Visual Scene Understanding  

JIM MARGGRAFF, Eyefluence, Inc.
Interpreting Focus From Eye Movement  

RAY OZZIE, Talko Inc.
Mobile Team Communication

DAVID P. REED, Advisory Board Member TTI/Vanguard
The Co-Evolution of the Internet and Wireless: What's at Stake?  

KYLE ROCHE, Amazon Web Services Internet of Things
Managing Billions of Devices Via the Cloud


JOHN TOLVA, PositivEnergy Practice 
The Array of Things: An Urban Sensing Project   

GEOFFREY WEST, Santa Fe Institute 
Networks, from Nucleotides to Cities and Corporations  

Field Trip

Tesla Motors, Featuring a Factory Tour and Test Rides 

May 5, 2016 • 7:00AM–11:30AM

The electric cars of Tesla Motors set a new standard for premium-quality all-electric personal and family transportation. Elon Musk’s company is not only an automaker, but also a forward-looking technology and design firm. The focus on automation, autonomy, and energy efficiency is immediately apparent in the factory, with this ethos extending to the vehicles made there, as attendees will experience during test rides. Please join TTI/Vanguard for an experience you would not be able to have unless you were to purchase a Tesla yourself—and perhaps not even then. Of course this will not be a sales event, but anyone considering purchasing a Tesla will have the opportunity for follow-up. 

We will be visiting a working factory; long pants, closed-toed shoes, and shirts that cover the shoulder are required attire for every attendee. 

Attendance is limited to 60 individuals. Register early to reserve your spot.

The field trip will consist of three components:

  • Factory Tour: Attendees will be wowed by a one-hour tour of the 6M-square-foot factory, generally only available to new Tesla owners when taking delivery of their vehicle. We will be transported by tram and view how Tesla begins with rolled aluminum and, in a symphony of factory automation, creates its sophisticated autos. It is only in the finishing stages that people step in to perform interior detailing.
  • Test Ride: Instead of putting our attendees behind the wheel, Tesla’s test drivers will provide an even better experience, which will include pin-you-into-your-seat acceleration and a substantial interlude of autonomous driving as we travel the streets of Silicon Valley. Anyone wishing to perform a personal VIP test drive can register to do so at a future date at any North American Tesla location.
  • Tech Talk and Q&A: Tesla’s expert designers and engineers will offer a window into the technology of Tesla’s current and upcoming vehicles, and answer attendees’ questions.

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

1333 Old Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, CA 94010
+1 650 347 1234