Kroger Regional Meeting and Tour

Apr 10th 2019
Kroger Store
Monroe, OH
The Store of the Future Exists Now

Retail is changing dramatically. While competitors dither about what type of convenience store to operate and tout their cashierless check-out, Kroger is transforming the entire shopping experience. 

An app reads your shopping list and guides you through the aisles. Digital shelf edges list not just prices but nutritional information and light up to help you find the item you’re looking for. The app reminds you of items you might have forgotten. 

The store of the future collects a vast amount of data. Based on it, items are rarely out of stock, stores are laid out more efficiently, and the shopping experience is personalized in every way. And of course, check-out is cashierless.

The store of the future exists today in two locations. We’ll visit one of them, in Monroe, Ohio, near Kroger’s world headquarters, after a talk by the company’s CTO explaining what we’ll be seeing. And we’ll close by hearing about what’s next.

Attendees who can join us on the evening of April 9th will be treated to the Cincinnati Reds playing the Miami Marlins. We’ll be happy for Kroger if the home team wins and grateful to them for the night out!

Picture of Brett Bonner

Brett Bonner

Vice President, Research & Development

Mr. Brett Bonner holds over 20 U.S. patents, and he has numerous patents pending. Since 1996, Mr. Bonner's projects have produced more than $8 billion in profits and savings. In 2010, Kroger and its R&D team earned Planet Retail's 2010 Innovator of the Year Award for their Advantage Checkout Scan Tunnel. Before assuming his current role, he was the managing director and a vice president at FedEx Internet Technologies Corporation. Brett was honored in 2013 as a Franz Edelman Laureate, the medal is given to men and women who distinguish themselves with their significant contribution to work that is selected as representative of the best applications of analytical decision making in the world. He is honored this year by ranking at the #3 spot in the Information Week Elite 100 for the Kroger Quevision system. Brett's hobbies include anything associated with boating and he loves his home machine shop.



Brett Bonner, Kroger CTO, and Researchers


Informal lunch and Conversation


Kroger Store

3033 Heritage Green Dr
Monroe, OH 45050