Sep 29th - Sep 30th 2015
The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City
Washington, D.C.

The workplace is changing, and it’s not just a matter of taking down the cubicle partitions and putting in couches. Clouds, social networks, mobile devices and their apps, sensors, and service-oriented architectures are changing not just the ways we compute, but the ways we collaborate—human-to-human, human-to-machine, and machine- to-machine. We’ll particularly look at the tools of collaboration—the physical and social networks, and some new interfaces between us and our devices and between us and all our data—and how the sourcing and management of talent is shifting from ownership to empowerment, hierarchies to networks, and individual efforts to collaborations.

  • Monday September 28
  • Tuesday September 29
  • Wednesday September 30
  • Thursday October 1
Field Trip

MITRE Corporation

This field trip to MITRE's McLean campus will be part show-and-tell and part participatory workshop as we visit labs that have underpinned past TTI/Vanguard presentations by Glenn Roberts, Mark Maybury, Donna Cuomo, and David Lehman.

The morning will be a hands-on extension of the Collaboration and Workplace of the Future conference, and will include:

  • A tour of the Integration Demonstration and Experimentation for Aeronautics (IDEA) Lab, including participation in a simulated cockpit, control tower, and route-planning environments. All field trip participants will have an opportunity to play one or more of the essential roles in aviation during a multiparty takeoff-and-landing simulation.
  • A collaborative workshop-style problem-solving solving session conducted within the purpose-built space of the Agile Capability Mashup Environment (ACME) Lab.
  • An exploration of how the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) System uses multistakeholder data to dissect aviation accidents and near misses to decrease the likelihood of similar future events. Get ready for a forensic analysis of the most recent fatal U.S. commercial-aviation crash.
  • A close-up look at the autonomous vehicles and their all-important sensors that have evolved from MITRE's entry in the 2005 DARPA off-road vehicle grand challenge.
  • MITRE is split between its Bedford, MA, and McLean, VA, campuses. Although we’ll be in McLean, we’ll also travel to Bedford with the help of a telepresence robot and get a virtual-reality preview of the collaboration-ready spaces of McLean’s under-construction building, MITRE 4.

The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City

1250 South Hayes Street
Arlington, VA 22202
+1 703 415 5000