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2021 Global East Government Funds Roundtable

Nov 30th - Dec 2nd 2021
Blended Event

The Sovereign Investor Institute’s Global East Government Funds Roundtable capitalises on its ability to bring together senior investment decision makers from sovereign wealth funds, government pension funds, central banks and large public pension funds from across the world, for a single, industry-leading gathering.

The blended event consists of two virtual content days and one in person content day. This ensures that delegates from different countries and time zones can easily participate. The individual sessions will incorporate a mixture of panel discussions and interactive breakout groups.

All discussions at the Roundtable are governed under Chatham House Rule and the event is closed to the media.



3 Upper Pickering Street
Singapore 058289

T: +65 6809 8888


For general enquiry, please contact:

Alastair Hills

Senior Director

For Investors interested in being invited, please contact:

Bradley Bester

Director of Government Fund and Investor Relations, Asia-Pacific

For Asset Managers interested in becoming a member, please contact:

Marsha Larned

Managing Director & CEO, Asia Pacific​