Institutional Investor Week

Jun 24th - Jun 26th 2024
Newport, Rhode Island
Marriott Newport

The second annual Investor Week is designed to provide asset managers a platform to speak, learn and network with their investor prospects and clients in an off-the-record and interactive format. Sponsor tracks will be curated by an advisory board of institutional investors to ensure the content is relevant and engaging.

This Investment Retreat, designed for both asset allocators and managers takes the place of three of our previous forums - Global Real Assets Investment Forum, Emerging Markets Forum and Hedge Fund Forum. By combining these events into one, we will be able to more effectively explore the enormous diversification and return potential for private and public markets while also examining the sophistication and careful due diligence required to successfully invest in these complex strategies.     

Institutional Investor Week is crafted to provide a specialized, in-depth exploration of crucial facets in the investment landscape, focused on two tracks:

Day 1: June 25th

Track 1: Real Assets
Topics: Real Assets Trends, Private Real Estate Investment, Opportunities in renewable energy projects, Sustainable and resilient infrastructure investments, Real estate trends and challenges

Track 2: Multi-Assets
Topics: Inflation Hedging Strategies, Diversification, Risk and Liquidity Management, Deploying debt capital opportunistically, Emerging Markets, Systematic or quantitative investing

Day 2: June 26th

Track 1: Private Markets
Topics: Global Private markets, Return-maximizing with a focus on Distressed and Direct Lending, Uncorrelated and specialty finance, Private Equity Trends and Market Outlook, Co-investments and Secondaries, Deal sourcing and Due Diligence, Growth Equity and Venture Capital

Track 2: Thematic Investing
Topics: Global Megatrends and shifts, Energy Transition, Sustainability with focus on returns, Climate change as part of your asset mix, Digital Transformation (infra, technology or AI topics), Emerging Markets, Global – US vs non-US. 


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For asset managers interested in participating, please contact:
Georgio Tupini
Senior Executive Director

For asset allocators looking for further information, please contact:
Katarina Storfer
Global Head of Investor Relations
(212) 224-3073