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Nextgens technologies
Miami, Florida
December 6–7, 2011
ION Media Networks' Dan Hsieh Scott Van Vliet from Mattel, Inc. and TTIVanguard
Advisory Board Member Mike Hawley
Bridgewater Associates' Christopher Yang Caesars Entertainment's Katrina Lane
Steve Scimone of LexisNexis Shamik Das from MITRE
Norman Phillips of Procter & Gamble Lockheed Martin's Matthew Evans
Jon Callas of Entrust Juniper's Connie Weiss
HP's Steve Froelich Branko Celler of CSIRO
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Taming Complexity
Washington, D.C.
October 4–5, 2011
Expedia, Inc.'s Edmond Mesrobian Robert Bectel of the Department of Energy
DRDC's Doris Fortin Mike Doyle from the National Museum of
Health + Medicine Chicago
Vikram Mahidhar from Deloitte Services Neil Siegel of Northrop Grumman
EMC²'s Narayanan Krishnakumar IHI's Akihiro Sato
Kroger's Brett Bonner Jane Ye of the National Library of Medicine
Bharat Doshi of Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory
Discovery Communications' Kevin Loftis
Herb Schorr from USC - Information Sciences
Institute at our "rump" session with speaker
John Doyle
Bryan Gabbard of Defense Group Inc.
David Hart from the Office of Science and
Technology Policy
CGI Group's Jason Balser
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Real Time
Paris, France
July 11–12, 2011
Hossein Moiin, Nokia Siemens Networks John Scott, Qualcomm
Andy Greenhalgh, Intel Barbara Bonora, U.S. Government
Juergen Rasch-Menges, Roche Roger Cass, LexisNexis
Ryan Prichard, PayPal Johnson & Johnson’s Nuno Barboza
Angelika Dimoka, Temple University Symantec’s Mike Allen
Brian Hibbeln & Daniel Murphy, DoD Ian Oppermann, CSIRO
The “Infamous D” of IRCAM TTIVanguard speaker, Philip Sheppard
plays his 1709 Stradivarius
UPMC Robotics lab field trip Millions of Atoms at UPMC lab
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Serious Fun
Chicago, Illinois
May 3–4, 2011
Shell's Sonya Calooy Daniel Ricoult of Corning
David Samuelson of Pearson Pamela Cawthorn of Dell
Frank Briamonte from Johnson & Johnson Charlie Kim of Next Jump
TTI/Vanguard speaker Gilman Louie Debbie Radasch of Boeing
"Gamification: Seriously Fun" workshop led
by Jesse Schell
Advisory Board Member Peter Cochrane
and Alison Carr from the Applied Physics Lab
TTI/Vanguard speaker Joi Ito TTI/Vanguard speaker Tim Gallwey leads
a team exercise
Gaming exercise during Luke Hohmann's
Game exercise with TTI/Vanguard speaker
Luke Hohmann
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Design As Strategy
Los Angeles, California
February 23–24, 2011
Darcy Antonellis of Warner Bros. Edmunds.com's Seth Berkowitz
Mike Ozburn of Booz Allen Hamilton Ahmed Elmagarmid & Abdellatif Saoudi
of Qatar Foundation - Qatar Computing
Research Institute
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems'
Erik Antonsson
TTI/Vanguard Speaker Frank Gehry
ESPN's Jason Guenther IRS' Julie Rushin
TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board member
Deborah Estrin
Sravana Karnati of Disney Connected and
Advanced Technologies
IDA's Gregory Hamilton Paulo De Souza of CSIRO
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