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Nextgens Technology
Charlotte, North Carolina
December 7-8, 2010
NYSE Euronext's Jeff Welch Johnson & Johnson's Zikar Dawood
Brent Greene of Telcordia USAA's James Lutz
MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Bernadette Johnson Speaker Fred Brooks and John Gage
Mark Hamm of FedEx and Norman Phillips
of Procter & Gamble
Speaker Pablos Holman and CAE's
Eric Bouthillier
Sara Donahue of State Farm Insurance TD Bank Financial Group's Dave Pearce
Speaker Mick Ebeling of the Not Impossible
IDA Singapore's Yin Wei Ter
DuPont's John Davis and Tom Marcin at
Hendrick Motorsports
Toyota's Dr. Tadao Saito at field trip to Hendrick Motorsports
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The Power of Peer
Vancouver, Canada
October 5-6, 2010
SAP's Himanshu Pande CableLab's Paul Liao and Erik Verrijssen
from Coca-Cola
AMP's Annalie Killian Speaker Craig Newmark of craigslist.org
Don Gibson of FedEx Matthew McCauley from the Ancient Egypt
Research Associates
Booz Allen's Ron Ritchey American Express' Christina Shanks
Robert Barrios from Oracle Capital One's Tom Larson
Ritu Chadha of Telcordia Humana's Tray Cockerell
NLM's Melanie Modlin on Field Trip University of British Columbia Field Trip
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matters of scale
London, England
July 20-21, 2010
Tony Chan of Hong Kong University and
Gordon Bell
Stuart Curley from Royal Mail
Michael Stewart of The Lucid Companies Paul Cavanagh of the Royal Bank of Scotland
Jeff Searle of General Dynamics and
Jennifer Byrne of Lockheed Martin
NLM's Valerie Florance, TS Sundar of J&J,
Marek Rusinkiewicz of Telcordia, &
Ben Sijtsma of Shell
Zach Lemnios of the Office of the
Secretary of Defense
Young Mo Kim of Samsung Advanced
Institute of Technology
Nokia's Tapani Ryhänen and Jim Fielder
of Rogers Communications
Tiffany Hall from the British Broadcasting
Joe Wells from the Office of Naval Research
Global London
Herb Schorr of the USC Information
Sciences Institute
Department for Transport's Brian Collins Accenture's Stephen Kirkby
The Imperial College London Field Trip The Imperial College London Field Trip
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Washington, D.C.
May 6-7, 2010
Merck's Mike Bevil Mark Bergman of Symantec
QinetiQ's Keith Rhodes Randy Smith from Boeing
Northrop Grumman's Maren Catton Broadcom's Ken Venner
Sue Lee of Johns Hopkins University APL Rich Adduci of Boston Scientific
MIKOH's Peter Atherton JPL's Jay Brar
Micheal VanPutte of DARPA CGI's Mike Madsen
Fred Dillman of Unisys Bud Miyahra of Procter & Gamble and
Hitesh Seth of American Express
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Shifts Happen
San Francisco, CA
February 23-24, 2010
CSIRO's John Taylor Toyota's Keiji Yamamoto & Hiroshi Igata
David Srolovitz of ASTAR Rio Tinto Group's John McGagh
Sanjay Kapoor of Juniper Networks IEEE's James Prendergast
Alan Boehme of ING Masaru Kitsuregawa of the University of
Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science
DOCOMO Communications' Kazuo Imai
and Speaker Jim Zemlin
Visa's Matt Quinlan
Paul Good and Scott Reeves of
Royal Dutch Shell
John Dwyer of Global Healthcare Exchange
Scott Foust from Oracle Fidelity's Steve Kammen
HP's Will Allen Clear Channel's David Wilson
Yell Group's Mark Canon PricewaterHouseCoopers' Alan Morrison
Mark Bernstein at Field Trip to PARC Netezza's Justin Lindsey
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