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Nextgens Technologies
Salt Lake City, Utah
December 8-9, 2009
State Farm's Jason Potts Ericsson's Jeff Kennedy
CableLab's David Reed Qualcomm's Matt Grob
Accenture's Elisabeth Schmidt Disney's Adam Fritz
Dolcera's Eduard Rozenberg Jua Huang from CyberLink
Milt Corn of the National Library of Medicine ASTAR's Susanto Rahardja and
Tow Chong Chong
Jim Wrightson of Lockheed Martin Cardinal Health's John Abrahms
Steve Huffman from MITRE The IRS' Nitin Naik
Bre-Pettis' Makerbot and Members Makerbot and Members
University of Utah, Field Trip
Bartl’s Chemistry Lab, Photonic Crystals
Humana's Peter Stephenson at Keck’s
Center for Tissue Engineering
Field Trip to the University of Utah University of Utah, Field Trip
Wind Tunnel
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More From Less
Jersey City, New Jersey
October 1-2, 2009
Speaker Dean Kamen and CNN'S
Scott Teissler
Wayne Sternberger of Johns Hopkins-APL
and Chris Sulavik of PwC
Bank of England's Simon Moorhead Amgad Fayad of MITRE
Peter Griffiths of IBM Software Group, Cognos Shaw Chuang of PGP
David Mihelcic from DISA Lockheed's Bob Hodges and
Nivaldo Diaz of CareFusion
SAP's Paul Abraham P&G's Joe Schueller and
Jean-Louis Hospitel
Field Trip at the Steven's Institute of Technology Field Trip at the Steven's Institutue of Technology
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July 14-15, 2009
iDA Singapore's GL Tan Brian Collins of DfT
Charles Zukoski of ASTAR Ark Boon LEE of the National Security
Coordination Centre
ANZ's Peter Dalton Bernard Nee of Singapore's EDB
Klaus Hoehn of Deere Temasek's Charles Koh
Lilo Newberry from Harris Singapore's Ministry of Education
Horn Mun Cheah
Speaker Jackie Ying Danny Goderis of Alcatel-Lucent
Tomas Soderstrom of JPL Cheryl MacLeod of HP
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Re: LEarning
Washington, D.C.
May 7–8, 2009
Keith Masback of the U.S. Geospatial
Intelligence Foundation
Carmen Iannacone of the Smithsonian
Pamela Falttau of IDA Fidelity's Charles Pickelhaupt
Apple's Bud Tribble Unilever's Cameron Jones
NIST's Kirk Dohne Nokia's Henry Tirri
DHS' Valerie Atkins Michael Parmantier of Booz Allen Hamilton
Rob Rolley of General Dynamics Susan Truscott of the DRDC
T-Systems' Falk Henkel IRS' Curt Turner
ExxonMobil's Peter Janecke MITRE's Leo Holly
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Ahead in the Clouds
San Diego, California
February 18–19, 2009
NYSE's Steve Rubinow Oracle's Robert Barrios
SAP's Allen Bannon Jean Bernatchez of the Treasury Board
of Canada Secretariat
NGA's Michele Motsko and NRO's
Michele Weslander-Quaid
BP's Ceri Carlill and Vinod Baya from PricewaterhouseCoopers
Ryan Gunst of the Naval Research
Advisory Committee
CSIRO's John Taylor
Bill Koff of CSC IRS' Linda Gilpin
David Reed and DT's Thomas Quiehl FedEx's Jim Greer
Bingcai Zhang of BAE Karen Gordon of IDA and P&G's
Joe Schueller
GA Tech's Rich DeMillo Suchi Raman, Netezza
NGA's Dan Schuresko at the Calit2 Field Trip Scott Reeves of Royal Dutch Shell and
Andrew Maroney
from General Dynamics
at the Calit2 Field Trip
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