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Nextgens Technologies
Phoenix, Arizona
December 9–10, 2008
BMW's Stephan Durach and Alan Kay Brad Perkins of CDC
Humana's Carol McCall Accenture's David Nguyen and Dave Bowen
from the FAA
AAA's Neil Jarvis Agilent's Darlene Solomon
Rosa Yang of EPRI Rob Rolley of General Dynamics and
John Johnson from Harris
Darrell Williamson of CSIRO Bud Tribble from Apple
A*STAR's Charles Zukoski iDA Sinapore's GL Tan
Ann Darrin from Johns Hopkins-APL VT Systems' Chin-Hwee Peh
Dave Deaven of GE Healthcare Mike Van Dyke of Boeing and Steve Huffman
Mike Trenkle from Capital One BAE's Reggie Brothers
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All Systems Green
St. Louis, Missouri
September 24–25, 2008
Akhtar Jameel of Mercedes-Benz Mike Tibbs from Wal-Mart
BT's Steve Whitaker Alec Fraser of Turner Broadcasting
Simon Xue of Capital One Mitsubishi International's Jeff Daley and
John Jackson
of American Express
MasterCard's Roberto Gill Ben Sijtsma from Royal Dutch Shell
CAE's Bernie Lalonde Jane Yin of Fujitsu Laboratories
Jonathan Twichell of MIT LL SAP's Andreas Vogel
Coburn's Pip Coburn Alan Kay presenting Len Kleinrock with
the Food for Thought Medal of Honor
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Generation Techs
Rome, Italy
July 10–11, 2008
Novartis' Gernot Gmelin & Stuart Rolinson
from American Express
Virgin's Ian Chapman
John Frieslaar of Huawei Technologies Ela Jastrzebska of the BBC
Wipro Limited's Vijay Ivaturi Falk Henkel of T-Systems
ESPN's John Zehr Sony's Scott Dinsdale
Mark Staples of Capital One Markus Pleier from EMC and Ike Nassi
of SAP
Infosys' Hema Prem Alcatel-Lucent's Danny Goderis
Sugata Mitra of Newcastle University DuPont's John Davis
Mitre's Nahum Gershon and
Bill Keicher
Reed Elsevier's Leo Di Muro and
Mark Popolano
with Doug Lenat
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Being Everywhere
Toronto, Canada
April 29–30, 2008
Booz Allen's Bruce Gregor on the University
of Toronto Field Trip
Swisscom's Walter Steinlin and Speaker
Steve Mann
DoCoMo's Kaz Imai on the U of T Field Trip EPRI's Darryl Glanton on the U of T Field Trip
Sangy Vatsa of American Express Craig Dupler of Boeing
Konica Minolta's Masatoshi Matsuzaki Shell's Tim O'Gorman
Gordon Leung of Hong Kong ITC James Gardner of Lloyds TSB
IBM's Nagui Halim Tata Consultancy Services'
Akhilesh Tripathi
Steve Mann and his Water Flute Scott Wilson of Deloitte
Shifd.com's Michael Young and Nokia's
Peter Boda
ANSER's Ruth David
Harris' Ed Zoiss and Dawn Eckenrode Brian Collins from the Department for Transport U.K.
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Smart(er) Data
Atlanta, Georgia
February 20–21, 2008
Speaker Marvin Minsky Speaker James Randy with GE Healthcare’s
Andy Deitsch
American Express' Bob Morgan ExxonMobil's Kim Thomas
JPMorgan Chase's Derek LaSalle Jean-Louis Hospitel from Procter & Gamble
Rayid Ghani of Accenture Steve Heller from Sun Microsystems
David Marques of Reed Elsevier & BAE
Systems' Eric Jones
Johnson & Johnson's Rob Marciello
GE Aviation's Gerry Vossler Michael Wilens of Thomson Corporation &
Jon Woodward of SunGard Public Sector
Sreekumar Sukumaran of Infosys Toyota's Takayuki Nagaya
Malcolm Vant from DRDC at the GA Tech
Field Trip
Toyota's David Nishijima at the GA Tech
Field Trip
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