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NextGens Technologies
The Wealth of Networks
New Form/New Content

Global Threats...
Global Opportunities

Identity & Trust
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NextGens Technologies
Santa Monica, California
December 5-6, 2007
EPRI's Joseph Naser Peter Madams of ClairMail
Deutsche Telekom's Sabine Dumrul Kazuo Imai of DoCoMo
Adobe's David Salesin Tony Shaw, Joe McCarthy of Nokia, &
Bud Tribble
of Apple
Procter & Gamble's Joe Schueller &
Tim VanRoekel
MasterCard's Ann Camarillo &
Sandeep Malhotra
Telcordia's Josephine Micallef and SAP's
Ike Nassi
Johnson & Johnson's Manish Narang
FedEx's Mark Hamm and Netezza's
Jeff Foran
Legg Mason's Randy Befumo
BBC's Matthew Cashmore and ANSER's
Ruth David
Maria Rey of DRDC
Il Kim of Samsung Capital One's Marlene Boyaner
Alcatel-Lucent's Jan Bouwen Mark Bernstein of PARC &
Tom Kavassalis
of Xerox
Michael Callahan of Ambient & Bob Lucky Harris's Carl D' Alessandro
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The Wealth of Networks
Boston, Massachusetts
September 25-26, 2007
Coca-Cola's Jun Ying Raymond Cline of EDS
MIT Lincoln Lab's Ken Senne Ken Ito of Fuji Xerox & Len Kleinrock
ITT's Sanjay Kothary Mark Kortekaas of CBS Interactive
Thahn Tran from Lenovo Ken Socko from Cisco
Randy Nunez of Ford Scott Dinsdale from Sony & Jongho Bang
of Samsung
Bob Scheifler of Sun Microsystems Walter Steinlin from Swisscom
Booz Allen Hamilton' s
Evelyn Remaley-Hasch
Peter Brew & Mike Powdermaker
of Seagate
J&J's Bill Cantano DoCoMo's Kazuo Imai & Telcordia's
Adam Drobot
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New Form/New Content
Barcelona, Spain
July 17-18, 2007
Michael Kahr of T-Systems Multimedia John Sommerer of Johns Hopkins
University - APL
Scott Teissler from CNN Jason Brickell from SunGard Vivista
Angela Chuang of EPRI Jonathan Harris of Number 27
Accenture's Kishore Swaminathan and
members in collaboration exercise
I Chih-Lin of Hong Kong Applied Science &
Technology Research
Rich DeMillo of Georgia Tech and Members
in discussion
BBC's Nicola Smyth
Tom Gregg of BAE & Hitoshi Matsumoto
of Fujitsu Laboratories of America
Mark Wilkinson of Tesco Stores &
Mike Gionfriddo
of Sun Microsystems
Joe Butler of Intel & Shen-Chang Chao of
Applied Science & Technology Research
Jason Lindsey of Netezza &
Takashi Matsuno
of Konica Minolta
Alex Fuss at Barcelona Media Lab Georgia Tech's Richard Lipton & Ellen Zegura
Booz Allen Hamilton's Rod Fontecilla BP's Joe Little
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Global threats...
GlobaL Opportunities

Washington, D.C.
May 8-9, 2007
Curt Vincent of Morgan Stanley &
Terry Young of J&J
Dr. Bud Tribble from Apple
Jonathan Mosedale from the Department
for Transport UK
IDA’s Dr. Steve Kramer
Natalya Flom of Visa John Folkerts from Xerox
PGP’s Jon Callas Hugh Tamassia of JPMorgan Chase & Company
Dave Reiner from EMC Mark Maybury of MITRE
Pip Coburn from Coburn Ventures David Prior of General Dynamics
Chao King of Konica Minolta Amgen’s Samir Abed and SAP’s Ravi Gill
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Identity & Trust
Dallas, Texas
February 21-22, 2007
Shalini Mayor of Visa Ron Knode of CSC
Robert Haar of General Motors Bob Berg of DHL
Johnny Long of CSC Rob Carter of Westpac Banking and
Bud Tribble of Apple
Dave Deaven of GE Healthcare Keith Millar of HP
Frank Perry of SAIC Richard Chow of PARC
Tim Brown of Symantec Judith Donath of MIT Media Lab
Kathy Bitting of MITRE Yuecel Karabulut and Volkmar Lotz
of SAP Labs
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