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• NextGens Technologies
• Time, Place & Space
• China's New Tech Era
• Resilience, Risk & Reward

• Crossover Technologies
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Nextgens technologies
Seattle, Washington
December 5-6, 2006
Alex Fuss of CSC Cdr. Mike Cowen of DRDC &
Dr. Rahim Yaseem
from SAP
Dr. David Salesin of Adobe Systems Dr. Dick Lipton of Georgia Tech
Dr. Lynn Wilcox of FXPAL Dr. Marek Rusinkiewicz of Telcordia
TTI Vanguard Board Member Gordon Bell Joe Kielman of DHS
John Puckett of Dupont Marc Kekicheff and Janice VandenBrink
of Visa
Mike Gionfriddo of Sun Microsystems Pablos Holman of Komposite
Victor Bahl of Microsoft Thierry Van Landegem of Alcatel
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Time, Place & Space
Memphis, Tennessee
September 19-20, 2006
OnChing Yue of Hong Kong ITC Hans van Tilburg of Visa
Bud Rahe of LexisNexis AOL's Matt Nguyen
Carl D'Allesandro of Harris TTI/Vanguard Board Member Gordon Bell
HP's Manas Chaliha Charlie Brenner of Fidelity
TTI/Vanguard Board Member Alan Kay Aaron Bobick of Georgia Tech
J.R. Bibb of Shell Mark Seiden of MSB Associates
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China's New Tech Era
Beijing, China
July 11-12, 2006
Ching Chuang of Motorola TTI/Vanguard's Nicholas Negroponte
Visa International's Gretchen McCoy Masatoshi Matsuzaki of Konica Minolta
Damon Matteo of PARC Samsung's Jaywoo Kim, DoD's Cray Henry,
and EMC's Tom Broderick
EPRI's Timothy Yau Jim St. Jean of Chordiant Software
Mark King and John Puckett of DuPont Charles Zhang, founder of SOHU.COM
Sara Yun from the US Embassy in Beijing AOL's Norman Koo, Mario Vecchi, and
Larry Lu
Bob Walker and Denis Faubert of DRDC Isaac Mao, co-founder of CNBlog.org
France Télécom's Danny Huang TC Foong of JNJ and Mark Maddocks
of Reed Elsevier
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Resilience, Risk & Reward
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 27-28, 2006

TTI/Vanguard members indicate whose early interest in science and technology began with blowing things up.

TTI/Vanguard's Distinguished Guest Vint Cerf Albhy Galuten of Sony Corporation of America
Ravi Bindra of Roche Freddie Mac's Steve Manning
Inovant's Ed Katzin Caroline Gover of the BBC
Nolwen Mahe of SAP Visa's George Sullivan and IDA's Tom Walcott
Georgia Tech's Merrick Furst Paul Scully-Power of Tenix Group
Michael Frank of the Port Authority of NY & NJ Boeing's Dave Mueller
EPRI's Clark Gellings Hugo Straumann of Swisscom
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Crossover technologies
Pasadena, California
February 16-17, 2006

TTI/Vanguard's Distinguished Guest
Bran Ferren

Inovant's Peter Ciurea
Greg Burnham of The Port Authority of
Sangy Vatsa of Ford Motor Company
Scotty Miki of DoCoMo Communication
Labs USA
T-Systems Multimedia's Klaus Radermacher
IBM's Deon Glajchen and PARC's
Kurt Partridge
Eric Rodli of Eastman Kodak and
Urs-Viktor Marti
of Swisscom
Anna Desai of ExxonMobil and
Thierry Van Landegem
of Alcatel
Pierre DeVries of the Annenberg Center
for Communication
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