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Nextgens technologies
Washington, DC
December 1-2, 2005
Field trip to George Washington University

Researcher demonstrates the
virtual reality centering harness

Jose Hernandez-Rebollar
demonstrates the AcceleGlove

Nextgens Technologies
Mark Bernstein of PARC Randy Befumo of LeggMason
TTI/Vanguard's David Reed and
Amgen's Samir Abed
Andy Leigh of the BBC
Hyungjae Shin of Samsung NLM's Don Norman, Toyota's Jack Endo
and Sabre's Kim Farrow
MITRE's Marnie Salisbury David Jakubek of the Department of Defense
Ian Ferrell of Microsoft, Bud Tribble of Apple
and John Perry Barlow of TTI/Vanguard
Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media
France Télécom's Norman Lewis and
DRDC's Christian Carrier
Richard Mackson and Jaz Deol
of Eastman Kodak
Raytheon's Alan Redfern Ted Wilson of HP and Paul Kozemchak of
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Extreme Interfaces
Geneva, Switzerland
September 14-15, 2005
Field trip to CERN

TTI/Vanguard members visit
the ATLAS detector at CERN

A portion of the Compact Muon
Solenoid construction site

extreme interfaces
Ian Ferrell of Microsoft Julius Akinyemi of PepsiCo
with speaker Henry Markram
Miwako Doi of Toshiba Swisscom's Daniel Ledermann
Sun Microsystem's Mike Harding Richard Delagrave of DRDC,
Willem Duinker of ING, and
Rene LaRose of DRDC
Ray Daley of LexisNexis with
Sam Gassel of CNN
Samsung's Jaywoo Kim
Hewlett-Packard's Patrick Scaglia Chris Munonye of McKinsey
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Evolving Systems
July 12-13, 2005
Miami, Florida

Joel Smith of Carnegie Mellon

Gary Boswell of Nationwide Building Society
and Jackie Liggins of Ingenium

Kim Pugliese of Eastman Kodak
and Kent Buchanan of Harris Corp.
The NGA's Greg Smith
AOL's Josh Alspector Justin Lindsey of the Department of Justice
The LDS Church's Joel Dehlin Paul Scully-Power of Tenix and
Rich DeMillo of Georgia Tech
Mike Gionfriddo of Sun EMC's Larry Krantz
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future networks
Chicago, Illinois
April 11-12, 2005
Field trip to the Illinois Institute of Technology

TTI/Vanguard members examine an alternative energy scooter

Marty Tice of Raytheon and
Mike Powdermaker of McKinsey

future networks
Capital One's Roy Lowrance Paul Liao of Panasonic
Henry Bayard of MITRE Corporation
and Bob Pepper of the FCC
Jeremy Warren of the Department of Justice
TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board members
Len Kleinrock and Bob Lucky
Deloitte Research's Ajit Kambil
Jim Simone of Johnson & Johnson Joseph Katz of Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab
Sylvain Prudhomme of Airbus Phiroz Darukhanavala of BP
BP's Ted Davis and Canadian Privy
Council's Jack Smith
DRDC's Anthony Ashley

Dinner at the Signature Room in the John Hancock Building
Steve Cohen of Telcordia and
James Roberston of CNN
Seagate's Ed Murdock and
DoCoMo's Toshiro Kawahara
Robin Gonzalez and Bill Boone of the EPA Bob Lawrence of BAE Systems
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all that data
San Francisco, California
February 8-9, 2005
Members' Workshop on "New Insights on Decision Making"

Gordon Bell of TTI/Vanguard's Advisory Board
and Milton Moore of Freddie Mac

Steve Lewis, Procter & Gamble; Dave Bujnowski, UBS;
Paul Friedrichs, DISA; and Karl Wiegandt, Sandia

In-Q-Tel Interface Center's Carl Gussgard Steffen Lipperts of Deutsche Telekom
and Greg Simon of BMW

all that data
Alan Nunns of ChevronTexaco Charlie Brenner of Fidelty Investments
IBM's Letina Connelly Horst Simon of Berkeley Labs
Vivek Badrinath of Orange TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board members
Doug Lenat, Alan Kay,
Nicholas Negroponte
Telcordia's Marek Rusinkiewicz and
Kodak's Richard Mackson
Louis Monier of eBay
Bud Tribble from Apple Computer BAE Systems' Bob Lawrence
Matthias Kaiser of SAP Labs JR Bibb of Shell and Gordon Castle of CNN
Dan Adams and David White of the NGA Rhysome's Melanie Alshab
Dinner at Diablo Grande Wine Gallery
Nicholas Negroponte of TTI/Vanguard's
Advisory Board with Dave Truch and
John Baumgartner
of BP
Tadao Saito of Toyota in 2002 Panoz Esperante Convertible
David White, NGA; Paul Gustafson, CSC;
Michael Getty, Liberty Mutual; and Allan
Paul Friedrichs, DISA; Dawn Meyerriecks, AOL;
Dave Mihelcic, DISA; and Frank Perry, SAIC
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