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• NextGens Technologies
• Challenge of Complexity
• Harnessing Innovation
• Powering the Future
• Security and Privacy
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NextGens Technologies
December 2-3, 2004
Atlanta, Georgia
Members' Field Trip to Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech's soccer team,
the RoboJackets

Tom Carson of NGA gets geared up to
try the VR experience

Bill Koff of CSC sits in with VR jurors

StorageTek's Mike Leonhardt checks the
display of a wearable computer
Dinner at Piedmont Park

Malcolm Vant and Rick Williams

Herb Schorr of USC and
Barry Tilton of NGA
NextGens Technologies

Ralph Merkle updates us
on nanotechnology

Mark Kryder of Seagate
demonstrates the future of hard drives

Justin Lindsey of the Department of Justice

Gary Morgan of PNNL

The EPA's Myra Galbreath

Geoff Ashcroft and Colin Lewis
of the UK Government

Convergys' Phil Claridge, P&G's
Steve Lewis and Tim Van Roekel,
and Nationwide's David Followell

John Cronkrite of HP, Ron Ritchey of Booz Allen Hamilton, and Peter Zarella of DISA

Daru Darukhanavala of BP

John Puckett of DuPont

Maureen Govern of Convergys

Garon Isaac of NGA plays "SnowWorld"

McKinsey & Co's Paul Oakes

Cisco's Shaw-Jen Chang

Hiroshi Igata of Toyota

Steve Froelich of HP
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The Challenge of Complexity
September 27-28, 2004
Los Angeles, California

David Clark of MIT's Lab for Computer Science

Danny Hillis of Applied Minds

Mike Sheehy of Guidant

Alex Kass of Accenture

Sabre's Richard Ratliff

Capital One's Scott Sykes

Robin Gonzalez of the EPA

George Reichert of DHL

Lee Holcomb of DHS

Ross Button of CGI

Freddie Mac's Milton Moore

Alan Kay of TTI/Vanguard's Advisory Board

Thierry Van Landegem of Alcatel

Dave Gough and Mike Turner
of Orbital Sciences


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Harnessing Innovation
July 13-14, 2004
Berlin, Germany
Harnessing Innovation

Barry Tilton of NGA

Curt Edgar of DaimlerChrysler

TTI/Vanguard's Len Kleinrock

Joanne Kim of the
Naval Postgraduate School

Charles Stone of Ballard Power

Cisco's Brett Colbert

BBC's John Varney

Nicholas Negroponte of
TTI/Vanguard's Advisory Board

TTI/Vanguard's John Perry Barlow

Speaker Bashkar Chakravorti
Dinner Cruise

Mick Etoh of DoCoMo Communication Labs
and Tadao Saito of Toyota InfoTechnology Center

Peter Cochrane of TTI/Vanguard's Advisory
Board and Ann Camarillo of Mastercard

Bill Koff of CSC and Harry Strasser of Siemens

John Wailing of CJIT and Robin Gallimore of HP

BMW's Human Ramezani

ExxonMobil's John Kuzan
with Tenix's Paul Scully-Power
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Powering the Future
April 19-20, 2004
Montreal, Canada
Powering the Future

Rolf Jaeger of Agilent Laboratories

Paul Blasche of Pacific
Northwest National Lab

Clay Shirky, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
Member, and Graham Rolland, Marks & Spencer

Myriam Murphy-Lavasseur
of Petro-Canada

Jim Smith of Rogers Wireless

Andy Broer of Cisco Systems

John Leggat and Ross Graham
of Defence R&D Canada

Paul Capozza of MITRE and John Sutherland
of LDS Church

Pierre de Vries of Microsoft

Renata Price of Booz Allen Hamilton

Chris Christopher of Navy Marine Corps Intranet Office and Kishore Ramachandran of Georgia Tech

Al Feygenson of AIG, with Sofia, and
David Followell of Nationwide Building Society,
with Frances
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Security and Privacy
February 9-10, 2004
Austin, Texas
Security and Privacy

Bernard Mangold of Yahoo! Labs

Frank Perry of SAIC and Scott Hannah
of Capital One

Mick Etoh of DoCoMo Communcation Labs

Bill Weinstein of Draper Lab

Bill Schilit of Intel

Keith Millar of Hewlett-Packard

Jessica Garrison of Shell and
Ted Barlow of Network Associates

Dick Berg of NGA and Jeff Fliescher of
the In-Q-Tel Interface Center

Jan Aikins of NASA

Paula Harrison of EDS

Paul Friedrichs of DISA

Jim Heskett of NGA

Bill Malik of Sun Microsystems

Rick Green of JPL
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