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• NextGens Technologies
• Knowledge Management
l Comes of Age

• Where Life Meets Technology
• Scalable Infrastructures
• Interaction and Design
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NextGens Technologies
December 4-5, 2003
Phoenix, Arizona

Len Kleinrock of TTI/Vanguard
with Steve Yatko and Vlad Rysin
of Credit Suisse First Boston

Pierre de Vries of Microsoft
with NASA's rover

Bill Koff of CSC and Maureen Govern of Convergys

Bud Tribble of Apple

Michelle Mitchell and Roy Lowrance of Capital One

Commotion Displays flexible
electronic greeting card

Milton Moore of Freddie Mac

Diane Heavener of the US Government

Roy Standing of the State Department

Peter Zarrella of DISA and Linda Travers of the EPA


Pam Krause of NGA and Ajit Kapoor of
Lockheed Martin

Members' Field trip to Mayo Clinic Hospital

J.R. Bibb of Shell takes time to enjoy
the cafeteria's offerings

Ingar Moen of DRDC
and Toby Philbin of NGA

Howard Wright of Royal Mail and
Adam Drobot
of Telcordia

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Knowledge Management
Comes of Age

September 23-24, 2003
Washington, DC

Lucy Nowell talks about NIMD

Rich DeMillo of Georgia Tech

Nat Heiner gets his point across

Patrick Scaglia from Hewlett-Packard

Christine James of GlaxoSmithKline and
Mike Hawley, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board

TTI/Vanguard Board member Doug Lenat
gives an overview of the conference

TTI/Vanguard Board member David Reed leads a lunchtime roundtable discussion

Greg Mack of Hicks & Associates
questions a speaker

Rami Mazid from Cisco adds his comments

Nic Fulton of Reuters joins the discussion

Hiro Nimura of Mitsubishi and
Adam Drobot from Telcordia

TTI/Vanguard Board member John Perry
talks with EDS's Detlef Eurich
Ravi Vijayaraghavan from Ford makes his point with Les Deutsch of JPL and Dave Weinberger
After a day's session, attendees get caught up
Rapt attention during the meeting

Fritz Schulz of DISA and
Elizabeth Mazzella of NIMA

Members' Workshop on Managing and Assessing Risk

Workshop co-leader Tom DeMarco discusses
strategy with Bob Kozak of W.W. Grainger

Pip Coburn of UBS Warburg analyzes the
case study

John Henderson of Convergys, Richard
of DISA, Marek Rusinkiewicz of
Telcordia, Snehal Patel of Shell, and Gary
of Marks & Spencer

Mike Harding of Sun, Marnie Salisbury of
Mitre, Dave Mueller from Boeing, Gene Zapfel
of Booz Allen, and Steve Lewis of P&G
re-examine their simulation.

Did they find a problem or a solution?
Geoff Westphal of W.W. Grainger,
Betsey Mazzella
of NIMA, Roy Lowrance
from Capital One, Tony Shaw of TTI/Vanguard,
and Ian Baker from CJIT

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Where Life Meets Technology
July 21-22, 2003
Madrid, Spain

Mike Hawley, with Bob Lucky and
Len Kleinrock, and "The Big Book"

Dawn Meyerreicks of DISA

Mark Day of the EPA and Len Kleinrock
of the Vanguard Advisory Board

Dr. Tadao Saito of Toyota Info
Technology Center with his wife, Mariko

Steve Huth of SEI-Carnegie Mellon
and Maya Stosskopf of TTI/Vanguard

Nahum Gershon of MITRE, Adam Drobot of Telcordia,
Dave Lafond of Kellogg, and Ken Boff of the Air Force Research Lab

David Followell and Simon Kingston
of Nationwide Building Society

Guy Bunker of VERITAS
with his wife, Susan

Pamela Krause and Young Suk Sull of NIMA

Gary Herman of Hewlett Packard
with his wife, Sandy
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Scalable Infrastructures
May 5-6, 2003
Denver, Colorado

Geoffrey Ashcroft of the UK Ministry of
Defence and Rob Stafford of the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences

Alan Kay of the TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board, Serge Morin of Defence R&D Canada, and Roger Impey of Canada's National Research Council

Bobby Blumofe of Akamai,
Fred Webster of Booz Allen Hamiltonm,
and Ian Sandy of Shell

TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board member
David Reed

TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board member
Gordon Bell

Gordon Bell shows an early concept of a thinking machine

Bob Lucky of the TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board,
Jeff Rodman of Polycom, and Bill Koff of CSC

Len Kleinrock of the TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
Bipin Patel of Ford
Suzanne Smed of Ford and
Jim Herman of Skylight Associates

John Perry Barlow of the TTI/Vanguard
Advisory Board and Houston Brown of Shell

Eric Blossom of GNU Radio and
Brad Beebe of Hicks & Associates
John Davis of DuPont
Kees Nieuwenhuis of the THALES Group

Pankaj Patel of Convergys and Chris Chandler of VERITAS

John Wailing of Criminal Justic IT (UK) and Bruce & Cathy Gregor of Booz Allen Hamilton

Ted Wilson of Hewlett-Packard

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Interaction and Design
February 12-13, 2003
San Jose, California
Members' Workshop

Clay Shirky leads the
"Social Software" workshop

Live chat using ARSC
(a really simple chat)
Dinner and Piano Recital

Mike Grady of Northrop Grumman IT
and Jeff Huber of eBay

TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board Member
Mike Hawley, winner of the
2002 Van Cliburn Competition
Rich DeMillo of GeorgiaTech, René LaRose of DRDC, and David Reed of TTI/Vanguard
Shell's Bill Fruit with Intuit's Marie Tahir

Dr. Tadao Saito of the Toyota InfoTechnology Center

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