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• NextGens Technologies
• E-frastructures
• Designing for Resiiancy
• Rearranging the Atoms
• FutureMedia
2001 Photos

NextGens Technologies
November 18-19, 2002
San Diego, California
Field trip to the San Diego Supercomputer Center
Matthew Grossman of the MPAA and Tim VanRoekel of Procter & Gamble get a better look at the visualization development lab.
Bradley Beebe of Hicks & Associates
with 3D fabricated models
Vanguard Dinner Cruise

TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board member Bob Lucky

Ian Baker of CJIT (UK)

Maggie Moore and Chris Alexander

MITRE Coporation's Henry Bayard and
UBS Warburg's Pip Coburn

LaVerne & Don Maynard of Shell

Arthur Daschke of General Motors

Dr. Tadao Saito, David Nishijima, and
Mike Wolterman
of Toyota

Paul Gustafson of CSC

Daniel Clancy of NASA and Helen Domenici of the Office of Science & Technology Policy

StorageTek's Chuck Milligan

Defence R&D Canada's Rene LaRose

Air Force Research Lab's Garry Boyle

Marks & Spencer's Graham Rolland

TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board member
Doug Lenat
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September 23-24, 2002
Miami, Florida
Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science - University of Miami

DuPont's John Taylor and Procter &
Gamble's Tim VanRoekel explore air/sea

A genetically engineered zebra fish
that fluoresces green

Dr. Pat Gibbs of the Rosensteil
School demonstrates fluorescing
proteins with a black light

Steve Stassinos, of the In-Q-Tel
Interface Center, and Gary Payne,
of the UK Ministry of Defence, observe
the genetically altered zebra fish.

NIMA's Pam Krause

Mark Gladwyn of the UK Cabinet - CJIT
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Designing for Resiliency
Brussels, Belgium
July 16-17, 2002

How many techies does it take to work a Mac?

The evolution of technology compounded
by language barriers.
Helen Corey of DecisonPoint Applications
and Tjerk Veenstra of SWIFT
Dawn Meyerriecks and Rob Walker of
DISA with Vanguard's Ann Cheslaw
Dinner at Kasteel Van Ruisbroek

TTI/Vanguard Members mingle in the garden.


Nuala and Peter Hacket of Canada's
National Research Council

Hillary and David Crystal, Author
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Rearranging the Atoms
Toronto, Canada
April 23-24, 2002
Beyond the Hype of Web Services Workshop with Ed Yourdon

Ed Yourdon reviews some of the key concerns
about web services.

John Taylor of DuPont and Lloyd Taylor
of Keynote Systems pay close attention.

Telcordia's Steve Cohen makes his point
while Booz Allen's Bruce Gregor listens intently.

Mike Hawley's impromptu piano recital

Mike Hawley, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
Member, shares what he's been practicing
for the Van Cliburn competition.

Attendees enjoy this rare treat.

The relaxed atmosphere enhanced the
enjoyment of many.

Houston Brown of Royal Dutch Shell gets a kick out of Rachmaninov.
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Pasadena, California
February 7-8, 2002
TTI/Vanguard Field Trip to Caltech, February 6, 2002

Caltech President Dr. David Baltimore
speaks to Vanguard members

Paul Cheung of PCCW and Ian MacFarlane
of the UK Government

Paul Borrill of VERITAS
and Advisory Board Member Gordon Bell

Professor Stephen Quake
describes microfluidic devices

Professor Pietro Perona talks about his
neuromorphic group at Caltech

Ajit Kapoor (Lockheed Martin),
Bill Koff (CSC),
Massimo Villanger (Lockheed Martin),
Dave Mueller (Boeing), and
Tadeo Saito (Toyota)

JPL's Les Deutsch examines a microfludic chip

At the holography lab

TTI/Vanguard's Ann Cheslaw and Toyota's
David Nishijima
examine new chips

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