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Please see our weekly newsletter collection below. Our own staff and members contribute bits and bytes of interesting news and articles. They say that futurists make funny historians but we do our best to bridge that divide by illustrating our past themes and speakers as they develop and evolve. We hope that you enjoy reading these communications as much as we enjoy creating them for you. And if you have any news to share, please contact any member of our staff.

12/21/17 - Corps Take Up Cyber Defense, Bureaucrats Love the Cloud, J-e-t-s Jets! Jets! Jets!

12/15/17 - Grinch Bots, AlphaZero Crushes Stockfish 8, FCC Undoes Title II

12/01/17 - Single's Day Record, Soft Robot Power Lifter, Auto-Tune

11/17/17 - Lidar-less AVs, Face ID Hack, Cantilevers as Logic Gates

11/10/17 - End of the Automotive Era, Sheep Tech, Earthquake Savings Time

11/03/17 - A/2017 U1, Twisted Photons, RoboBees

10/27/17 - Canada is AI Capital, Robot Citizens, Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility

10/20/17 - Domain Specific Processors, AI IQ, Zero-G Figet Spnner

10/13/17 - Project Loon to Puerto Rico, AIM Closes, Edible Robots

10/06/17 - Thumbs Up for Telecommuting, Biosensitive Tattoos, Functional Programming Languages Rule

09/29/17 - Polaritons, Quantum Computing Error Correction Through Topology, Ken Hertz Named Top 10 Angel

09/22/17 - AI Offloads Tasks, Thought Composed Music, 51 Qubit Record, Lockheed Purchases Orbital ATK

09/08/17 - US Army Grounds DJI, Thorium-Salt Fission Reactor, QR Codes Find a Use In China

09/01/17 - Bank of America Files Blockchain Patents, Harvey Prompts Questions, China's Exascale Supercomputer

08/25/17 - Cyber Command Elevated, iPhone 8 "Long Range" Wireless Charging Rumors, Sonos Holds Devices Hostage

08/11/17 - DNA Used to Infect Computer with Virus, India Block the Wayback Machine, Voyager 1's 40 Years

08/04/17 - Human Embryo DNA Editing, US Buys Fewer TVs, Uber Gets Gamed

07/28/17 - Biomimetic Slug Slime, Fake News Is Like a Disease, Dog Chip Your Staff!

07/21/17 - Robot Suicide, Glass Resurrected, Fontgate

07/14/17 - Battery Free Phone, Glass Resurrected, Solar-Powered Tent

06/30/17 - Flexible Display—For Real, AR Storybooks, Snapchat Shares Your Location

06/23/17 - Entanglement in Space!, White Wall Hydrogen Fuel, AI For Digging

06/16/17 - History of the iPhone, Proterra Gets Funding, Amazon Buys Whole Foods

06/09/17 - Drone Racing, Airbus Spin Class, AI Explains Itself

06/02/17 - Parker Solar Probe, Ike Nassi & David Reed are Cool, Nano-Holograms

05/19/17 - WannaCry, FCC Dumps Net Neutrality, Password Changing is Dumb

05/12/17 - Relay Relays Items for FedEx IT, Accelerators!, Twitter Bots Undermine Democracy

05/05/17 - Tricorder Xprive Victory, Certificates Matter, App for Addicts

04/21/17 - Research Integrity Advisory Board, Metal-Organic Water Harvester, March for Science

04/07/17 - ACM Award Winners, Robot-Proof Jobs, Graphene Desalination

03/31/17 - Crowdsourced DNA Fights Cancer, (Human) Spinach Skin, Spuds on Mars

03/24/17 - Skunkworks' Torus, Solar-Powered Skin, Telepathy!

03/17/17 - Transcranial Electrical Brain Stimulation, Fake Real Rubber, Disobedience Awarded

03/10/17 - 150 Likes, Amazon for Mom & Pops, S3 Epic Typo

03/03/17 - Lost Metallic Hydrogen, Software-Defined Light, TRAPPIST-1 Discovered!

02/24/17 - LTE-U, 1984 Prescient Again, DOD Serious About Climate Change

02/10/17 - TV Spies, Robo Cars Get Better, Software Rules

02/03/17 - VR Super Bowl, AI Bests Poker Pros, Stranded Scientists

01/27/17 - Lithium Batteries are Hard, End of Net Neutrality, Pi Competitor

01/20/17 - Robot Citizenship, Flying Cars, Pandemic Preparedness

01/13/17 - Loon Trumps Titan, Bees Engangered, Paperfuge

01/06/17 - Diamondoids, SCiO, Vulnerable Electric Grids

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