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Please see our weekly newsletter collection below. Our own staff and members contribute bits and bytes of interesting news and articles. They say that futurists make funny historians but we do our best to bridge that divide by illustrating our past themes and speakers as they develop and evolve. We hope that you enjoy reading these communications as much as we enjoy creating them for you. And if you have any news to share, please contact any member of our staff.

12/22/16 - TTI Holiday Gift Guide

12/16/16 - Memristors, QRed Seniors, Optics Based Haptics

12/2/16 - A Backup for the Internet's Backup, Bitcoin Doesn't Protect Tax Dodgers, 750,000 Data Scientists

11/23/16 - Millimeter Waves for VR, ACM Gordon Bell Winner, Millenials Love Fake News

11/11/16 - Trump Reaction, Asteroids, Global Warming and Disney Drones!

11/04/16 - Fuel Cell Train, 10nm DRAM, Spinach Explosive Detection

10/28/16 - Dyn Done in by DDoS, AI Stop Light, Software Patents on the Ropes

10/21/16 - Enterprise VR, Workplace AR, Tokamak Pressure Record

10/14/16 - Two Years of Newsletter Awesomeness!

10/07/16 - Coal, Wood, Keyboard Pants

09/23/16 - Yahoo Giant Hack, Kleinrock Stands the Test of Time, AT&T says Broadband Power is Close Again, Again.

09/16/16 - Absurdly Polite Dolphins, WaveNet Sounds Like People, Stem Cell for Severe Paralysis

09/09/16 - iPhone7, Carbon Nanotube-Based Transistors, and 10 Million Pis

09/02/16 - ET Says Hi?, Squishy Bots, and fMRI Studies Questioned

08/26/16 - Internauts' Silver Anniversay, Singapore's Self-Driving Taxis, STEREO-B Phones Home

08/19/16 - Spies Stealing from Spies, Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Coating for Fabric, Twisted Light

08/12/16 - Mayem wins Cyber Grand Challenge, Artificial Neurons, Delta's Backups Don't Backup

08/04/16 - Sunlight Fuels, Microfluidic Pharmaceuticals, and CSAIL's Interactive Dynamic Video

07/29/16 - DMCA Challenged, Amazon Student Loans, Equity Crowdfunding Legalized

07/22/16 - DARUS Gets Shoes, Trump Bad for Innovation, Seagate's 10TB Desktop Drive.

07/08/16 - Len's a Movie Star, OpenCellular, Interdisciplinary Research Underfunded

07/01/16 - Juno to Jupiter, Kids Programming with Bloks

06/24/16 - Sunway TaihuLight, CRISPR Clinical Trial Approved, NASA's X-57 “Maxwell"

06/17/16 - Eben Honored, Apple Bad at Sharing, Bolt on Robocar Kit

06/10/16 - Particle X, Robot Tackle Dummies, Bing is actually Useful!

06/03/16 - MS & FB's 160-Tb/s Undersea Cable, Blockchain Finance Undone by Governance Structure, Googe Wins Java Fight.

05/27/16 - Jean Jacket Interface, Robots Feel Our Pain, Big Data Ethics

05/20/16 - Kay & Sikka Launch the Human Advancement Research Community, A Button for Your Things, and Pedestrian Flypaper

05/13/16 - Parsey McParseface, Origami Gut Robots, Swarm Intelligence Wins Derby Trifecta

04/29/16 - Len Kleinrock Stands the Test of Time, 300 TB of CERN Data Fun, and MS DNA Storage

04/22/16 - Hertz Power! (Lawyer), Google Books Seach is Legal, AI+People=Heaven

04/15/16 - Bacteria Rules!, VR Surgery, and the Breakthrough Starshot Project

04/08/16 - Coke in the Cloud, 22 Cores, and an Interrobang‽

04/01/16 - 473 Genes, Holoportation, and Big Ben

03/25/16 - Tay the offensive Tweetbot

03/18/16 - Microbots, Blimps (Again/Still), and Sponsored Content

03/11/16 - Go, Invisibilitiy Cloaks and Micobiome IDs

03/04/16 - Pi3, Hound and Taking the Scenic Route

- XPRIZE for AI, Agile Atlas and IoT Standards

02/12/16 - The Computer is the Driver

02/05/16 - Prediction Markets, Star Trek & A Zettabyte

01/29/16 - Marvin Minsky

01/22/16 - Hyperloop & A Stockpile of Beer

01/15/16 - Human-Machine Superintelligence, Dumb Robots, Dumb AI

01/08/16 - Algae Energy, HaLow and Moose Antlers

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