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Please see our weekly newsletter collection below. Our own staff and members contribute bits and bytes of interesting news and articles. They say that futurists make funny historians but we do our best to bridge that divide by illustrating our past themes and speakers as they develop and evolve. We hope that you enjoy reading these communications as much as we enjoy creating them for you. And if you have any news to share, please contact any member of our staff.

12/29/15 - 10 Things We Learned in 2015

12/18/15 - [next], drone DMV, and BB-8

12/04/15 - A Dozen Cyborg Roses, 4 Hour Workweek & 5G

11/20/15 - Face with Tears of Joy, Desalination and Tianhe-2

11/13/15 - Toyota Goes Big AI, VR Vets Parades, Jet Packs

11/06/15 - Astronaut Auditions, Stellarators, and 17 Years of Pico-Cells

10/30/15 - Tuesdays, TJ’s Hidden Lost Chem Lab & Customize your Pi!

10/23/15 - A 3D-printed eco-bikini that “cleans the ocean as you swim”, enough said.

10/16/15 - PCs Still Matter!, Negroponte’s Satelites and CRISPR-Cpf1

10/09/15 - Qubits, Telepathy, and 1.8 nanometers!

09/28/15 - Million Species, Entangled Photons, and More IoT

09/18/15 - Quantum Computers, Fuel Cells, and Moving Dot Science

09/11/15 - Ice Cream, Microfish, and Giant Telescopes

08/21/15 - Has Apple Oversimplified its Products? The Hackers vs the Unfaithful

08/14/15 - A Self-Charging Car and a Car That Fits Into a Bag

08/07/15 - TTI/Vanguard staff and members help make the world a better place

07/17/15 - Say Hello to Pluto!

07/08/15 - Batteries of the Future and the “Internet of Things” (continued)

06/26/15 - News, the Latest; Old Media vs New Media

06/19/15 - A Graphene Light Bulb and the Future of Grocery Shopping

06/12/15 - Healthcare; technology to the rescue! The persistence of Google’s memory

06/08/15 - Securing our future cyber-cities and solving an historic jigsaw puzzle

05/29/15 - A Mind Controlled Limb, a 3D printed limb and the State of the AI Union

05/22/15 - 3D Printed Jet Engine, Mechanical Lock Breaker and Earth’s most photographed Spots

05/15/15 - Room Service robot, Smartphone Doctor and a Gambling A.I.

05/01/15 - Micro Mapping, Reality Augmenting and Self-Powered Lights

04/24/15 - Law, Order & Anniversaries

04/17/15 - First Books, Better Batteries, and Robot Pet Names

04/10/15 - Open Source, Open Flame

03/27/15 - Regulating drones but not the Internet of Things

03/20/15 - Ebola, Cyclone Pam, and the Robot Petting Zoo

03/13/15 - Apple Watch, Apple Watch, Apple Watch

03/06/15 - "The Internet is 'baloney" – Cliff Stoll, 1995

02/20/15 - Smartphone testing for HIV, View-Masters, and floating-point arithmetic

02/13/15 - Abe Lincoln, net neutrality, and bees

02/06/15 - Google vs Uber; Google vs The Internet Archive

01/29/15 - Air Force One, augmented reality, and Super Bowl XLIX

01/26/15 - Edward Snowed-In Special Report

01/23/15 - Cyber, SpaceX, and Roman scrolls

01/16/15 - Dinner parties vs "The Surprising Benefits of Solitude"

01/09/15 - Interstellar, CES, and the Web-at-25

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