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2018 February 9
John Perry Barlow様yricist and entrepreneur, cattle rancher and algae farmer, EFF co-founder and TTI/Vanguard advisory board member用assed away on Wednesday. It痴 said that one can only have 160 or so friends. Barlow exceeded that by about two orders of magnitude, more than a few of whom are reading this now.
We cannot do justice to a life as rich as his容ven Steven Levy痴 loving and lovely tribute in Wired only scratches the surface. (One of us compared the work of composing words about someone who used them as eloquently as John Perry did to baking a birthday cake for Martha Stewart.) So we値l let the words of fellow advisory board member David Reed speak for all of us: 的 really loved John, knowing him and working with him. I will miss him and his contributions to the world terribly.
And we値l borrow Barlow痴 own words, from one of his best-known songs. They ring oddly, beautifully, autobiographically true at this moment:
Faring thee well now.
Let your life proceed by its own design.
Nothing to tell now.
Let the words be yours, I'm done with mine.

John Perry, who knew the risks as well as promise of technology, would have loved this: Former employees and investors at Facebook and Google have banded together as the Center for Humane Technology, formed to explore ways to counteract 鍍he ill effects of social networks and smartphones. The center is led by Tristan Harris and includes Ren馥 DiResta (Detroit, May 2015) and Roger McNamee, who will be speaking at our March meeting on this very subject.
So we池e just a few launches away from the first NASCAR race on Mars? (Dmitriy Tseliakhovich, San Francisco, Dec 2015; Jeff Greason, Seattle, Dec 2006) Congrats to Elon Musk and his crew.
Device-independent quantum cryptography? (Carl Williams, Santa Monica, Dec 2007; Simon Phoenix, Versailles, May 1998)
LiDAR (Ian Oppermann, Paris, Jul 2011) is not just for driving擁t痴 uncovering an ancient Mayan megalopolis (Greg Dobler, Austin, Feb 2016). 典he LiDAR images make it clear that this entire region was a settlement system whose scale and population density had been grossly underestimated.
LiDAR for driving is at the heart of the San Francisco court case between Waymo and Uber, which is making headlines in part because Uber痴 former CEO, Travis Kalanick, testified this week.
Choose your words wisely: Researchers say their model of differences in speech patterns (Deb Roy, Pasadena, Feb 2006) can predict with 83% accuracy high-risk patients who later developed psychosis (Tom Ray, Toronto, Apr 2002) and those who did not. (Whether you think this is good news or bad news is probably an even better predictor.)
Traffic noise can contribute to heart disease, according to German researchers. If we can稚 manage what we can稚 measure, then monitoring urban levels of noise pollution (John Tolva, San Francisco, May 2016; Wes Grubbs, Philadelphia, Jul 2015) is the necessary first step.
A physical model of the Mississippi River is 吐aster than a computer because of the complexity of the simulations involved. (Gilman Louie, Chicago, May 2011) Next they値l be telling us that landline phone connections are superior to a cellphone痴. Hrmph.
釘ut groundless hope, like unconditional love, is the only kind worth having. 憂ohn Perry Barlow

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