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2017 September 29

Amazing things can happen when you have a Fields Prize winner in the neighborhood—for example, better quantum computing error correction through topology. (Rodney Van Meter, San Francisco, Dec 2014, and Tokyo, Mar 2017; Hideo Mabuchi, San Diego, Nov 2002)
Polaritons—quantum particles that are are “generated by targeting a laser at stacked layers of selected atoms”—are 10,000 times lighter than electrons, making them candidates for a new computing architecture.
… or, we could just use photons in our quantum computers, as two researchers at the University of Tokyo propose.
Advisory Board Member Ken Hertz was named among the “Top 10 Angel Investors in AI”. Joining him on the list was former speaker Esther Dyson (San Francisco, July 2014).
Are our heart dimensions as unique as fingerprints? And can they be used to log in to a system? (Andrew Bud, Washington, D.C., Sep 2017; Ingo Deutschmann, Washington, D.C., Sep 2016)
The Navy is using the collision of the U.S.S. John S. McCain with a civilian tanker as a test case for cybersecurity investigation “to probe for anomalies or evidence of an attack”—and to incorporate such probes into accident investigations generally. (Bob Charette, Washington, D.C., Oct 2014)
According to longtime TTI/V member and NetApp CTO, Mark Bergman, in an interview with Business Standard, not every business information application will move to the cloud—and whether it does or doesn’t, the important thing is to properly manage the data.
There are plenty of wild ales, but no wild lagers—until now. Heineken is using a yeast strain found only a few years ago (on trees in the mountains of Patagonia!). One wonders what painkillers yeast-into-opioids researcher Christina Smolke (San Francisco, Dec 2015) would make from it.
The Wonder gaming phone combines two things people seem to spend unlimited sums of money on. But is that enough to constitute a market niche? We’ll have to wait to see. (Mark Skwarek, San Francisco, Dec 2016; Philipp Zhang, Beijing, Jul 2006)

Efforts to increase energy efficiency in the transportation sector usually focus on better mileage or other improvements to cars themselves. But an ARPA-E study by TTI/V member Georgia Tech is looking at the the whole grid, especially congestion (Zabe Bent, regional meeting, McLean, Sep 2017; Robin Chase, Memphis, Sep 2006).
A House of Representatives subcommittee is ready to overrule the Administration and continue funding a U.S. Geological Survey program to develop a West Coast earthquake early warning system. At stake: a whooping $10.2 million (James Kondo, Tokyo, Jul 2012; Masumi Yamada, Paris, Jul 2011).

“Hell, there are no rules here, we're trying to accomplish something.” —Thomas A. Edison
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