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2017 May 12

TTI/Vanguard has long been interested in the overlap between European politics and technology, with such talks as “The Disappearance of Borders” (Colette Flesch, Geneva, Jul 1995) and “High-Tech in Europe” (Hermann Hauser), “European Union Approaches to Innovation” (George Metakides), in Berlin, Jul 2004, and “Society in the Digital Age” (Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Rome, Jul 2008). Charles De Gaulle once asked, “How can you govern a country that has 246 varieties of cheese?” We wish Emmanuel Macron all the best as France’s new President.
The heads of U.S. government agencies might find Scott Borg’s framework useful when preparing the risk assessments dictated in President Trump’s executive order on cybersecurity  (Washington, D.C., Sep 2016).
Two-factor authentication (Munir Cochinwala, Dallas, Feb 2007) has improved personal cybersecurity, but it’s not unhackable. In fact, exploiting long-standing and well-known flaws in SS7, it’s just been hacked. Is it time to augment logging-in with behavioral biometrics, digital one-time pads, or proximity detection (Ingo Deutschmann, Phil Cuff, Srdjan Capkun, Washington, D.C., Sep 2016)?
Can machine learning breathe new life into the pseudoscience of physiognomy? (Eric Haseltine and Chris Gilbert, San Francisco, Feb 2017; Joe Hellerstein, Philadelphia, Jul 2015; Eric Bonabeau, San Francisco, Feb 2005)
Steve Cousins (Boston, Apr 2014; San Francisco, Dec 2015) told us that Savioke’s robot Relay would debut in hotels and eventually move on to moving more. Longtime TTI/V member Fedex  is now using Relay to deliver items around an IT center.
Does your organization have an accelerator? If the answer is no, you’re pretty much all alone; everyone’s got one. Even the Vatican (Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Rome, Jul 2008).
Tim Berners-Lee speaks out about fake news, net neutrality, and the future of the Web (Jonathan Taplin, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, and David Robert Grimes, Boston, Apr 2017). Fake news is also a concern in Europe, and NATO is taking strategic action to limit its spread and impact.
Sonic booms are bad secret-keepers (Emilio Martinez, Paris, Jul 2011).
Michael Hayden (Washington, D.C., Sep 2016 and May 2010) opines (negatively) on President Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey—and (positively) on the integrity and grit of Washington’s career bureaucrats.
Twitter can save lives (Patrick Meier, San Francisco, Dec 2014; James Kondo, Tokyo, Jul 2012), but in the run-up to the French election, was anyone tweeting—other than bots? Five percent of the users of the #MacronGate hashtag posted 40% of the tweets. The most prolific one tweeted 1668 times in 24 hrs?faster than one per minute, all day with no breaks (Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Boston, Apr 2017).

“The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of rocks.”—Tony Seba, author of Clean Disruption

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