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2017 May 5

A Philadelphia ER doctor and his family, working in their spare time, have won the $2.6 million tricorder XPrize (Dror Sharon, San Francisco, Dec 2014; Walter De Brouwer, San Francisco, Dec 2013). Their device diagnoses 34 medical conditions, including diabetes, pulmonary diseases, tuberculosis, and Hepatitis A.
Know someone with an addictive behavior but doesn’t want a 12-step program? Now, there’s an app for that (Aza Raskin, Los Angeles, Feb 2011; Ed Boyden, Salt Lake City, Dec 2009).
Gartner just released its “Cool Vendors Report” and named TTI/V member Enterra Solutions as an industry leader responsible for supply chain future trends and innovations.
While the world is waiting for Apple to start making iPhones in California, Indian outsourcing titan and TTI/Vanguard member Infosys is creating 10,000 new coding jobs in the U.S. (Alan Kay, Washington, D.C., Oct 2014; Vishal Sikka, San Diego, Feb 2009 and Santa Monica, Dec 2007).
From the Early Signals Department:  

Sifting through the dust of the recent omnibus spending bill passed by Congress, there’s some good news to be found: Science got a bump in funding after all. Winners include NASA, agriculture/food research, NIH, ARPA-Energy, NOAA, and USGS; losers are the EPA and DoE-based fusion research.
Of course, the U.S. government—and intergovernmental agencies—aren’t the only ones moving forward with science and technology. Elon Musk’s SpaceX intends to launch pilot satellites this year to demonstrate the potential of a low-Earth-orbit-based network of Internet-delivering satellites. Is he jumping the gun on Nicholas Negroponte’s proposed UN-based World Connectivity Organization (Boston, Apr 2017)?
Can Europe compete with the U.S. (Marie Ekeland, Paris, Jul 2011; Hermann Hauser, Berlin, July 2004; Reineke Reitsma, Amsterdam, July 2000) when it comes to AI research and startups?
A 17-year-old tinkerer has turned a rusty 1973 Volkswagen Bug into an all-electric vehicle, using 1,530 lithium ion fuel cells salvaged from laptop batteries. Each one has its own soldered fuse, isolating a short and preventing the pack from exploding (Paul Braun, San Francisco, Dec 2015; Roland Pitts, Miami, Dec 2011).
“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”—Thomas A. Edison

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