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2017 February 24

Still procrastinating on your trip report from last week’s Data: Big & Small? We are here to help!  All presentations and summary materials (Highlights, Citations, and Bob's Bytes) are available in the archive and on the app.
Can LTE-U—the extension of LTE into the unlicensed 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi frequencies—play nicely with Wi-Fi, or will it spell the ruin of both? Time will soon tell. The Federal Communications Commission has approved LTE-U and T-Mobile will be deploying it in the U.S. this spring. (Sundeep Rangan and Marco Mezzavilla, Brooklyn, Oct 2016; David Reed, Robert Heath, San Francisco, May 2016; David Reed, Dewayne Hendricks, Los Angeles, Feb 2013; Ted Rappaport, Chicago, Apr 2005).
Camping—even just for a weekend—not only resets your biological clock for sleep, it can change your appetite as well. (David Virshup, Seattle, Dec 2006)
Readers of George Orwell’s 1984 who laugh the depiction of TVs spying on you—when obviously it’s your computer you need to worry about—need to stop laughing. At least, if you own a Samsung smart TV (Steve Mann, Barry Steinhardt, Toronto, Apr 2008; Ed Felten, Austin, Feb 2004).
Twins studies are some of the most effective on Earth, and now in outer space as well.
TTIV member Kroger's Digital Shelf EDGE, an LED screen that replaces the pricing labels on supermarket shelves, was a big hit at a Japanese display technology exhibition.
Should the air traffic control system be spun off from the Federal Aviation Administration? We don’t know. But if it’s placed “under the control of a private, nonprofit corporation,” those of us who went on the MITRE field trip (Washington, D.C., Sep 2015) and landed planes in its air traffic control lab know who we’d want the nonprofit corporation to be.
The governmental unit most concerned about climate change is the biggest: The U.S. Department of Defense. At least 15 military sites are already being damaged by severe weather (Michael Mastrandrea and Noah Diffenbaugh, San Francisco, Dec 2014; Richard Turco, Santa Monica, Dec 2007; Charles Perrow, Philadelphia, Apr 2006).
Is there a business case for VR? Yes, and it involves fighting spectres, Ghostbuster-style (Nolan Bushnell, San Francisco, Dec 2016).
In 2015, Ryan Phelan (San Diego, Feb 2015) told us about bringing the wooly mammoth back from extinction, possibly by the end of the decade. According to George Church (Boston, Jun 2015), they’re right on schedule.
Speaking of George Church, his most extreme proposals for gene editing may well come to pass. A key science advisory panel has “lent its support to … the modification of human embryos to create genetic traits that can be passed down to future generations.”
Hyperconnected is right around the corner: April 12-13 in Boston (overview, hotel info, agenda).

“I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.”—John Cage

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