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2015 January 23

Many of us have returned from a fantastic cyber road-trip with Eric Haseltine. (The road trip was real; the topic was cyber!) If you were not with us in Boston or Washington, DC this week, stay tuned as Nancy Kleinrock prepares her recap of both cybersecurity events this week.  We’ll let you know when this will be available in our archive (along with 22 years’ worth of briefings on every topic and speaker that TTI/Vanguard has ever welcomed.  As a reminder, if you or a colleague would like help navigating the archive, please contact Claudia Miklas at

We sometimes have book authors come and speak, but it's rare for us to have a book author/speaker who's a former speaker. Gary Marcus was on the Marvin Minsky panel at our April 2014 meeting in Boston, and he’s the co-editor of our Biotech book selection: The Future of the Brain: Essays by the World’s Leading Neuroscientists. Contributors include Christof Koch, George Church, and Olaf Sporns. Gary will be speaking the second day of the conference, Feb 25.

Separate NASA and NOAA analyses indicate that the world keeps heating up (Michael Mastarndrea and Noah Diffenbaugh, San Francisco, Dec 2014), with 2014 the likeliest to have been the warmest year on record since 1880.

Remember the devise-fixes-for-a-big-problem workshop at Reprogramming Programming (Jini Kim and Mikey Dickerson, Washington, D.C., Oct 2014)? Those of you who brainstormed on the implementation of high-speed rail should note that Elon Musk is preparing to take his Hyperloop concept to the next level by building a test track in Texas. A few of the basics:

In other news about Elon Musk, TTI/Vanguard member Fidelity has joined Google to invest $1 billion in SpaceX .  The deal values SpaceX at $10 billion. If that is not astronomical, we don’t know what is.

Small satellites (Steve Jurvetson, San Francisco, Dec 2013; Anne Miglarese, Vienna, Jul 2013) are also in the news, with TTI/Vanguard member Qualcomm backing Richard Branson's new venture, OneWeb, which intends to launch a constellation of satellites into low-Earth orbit to deliver global Internet connetivity, with each satellite acting as an additional cell in local-providers' networks.

Italian researchers have unveiled words from charred Vesuvius scrolls, which is akin to David Hughes's work looking inside mummies with medical-imaging technology (London, Jul 2014).

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