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2015 January 16

To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June. - Jean-Paul Sartre

We hope you are as well. We are enjoying our January; excited to be traveling for Eric Haseltine’s Cybersecurity Regional Meetings next week ( and looking forward to the upcoming San Diego conference:

Advisory Board Member Len Kleinrock has been awarded the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Communication and Information Technologies category for 2015. The Foundation recognized that Len “made the Internet possible” by devising the most efficient way to share data and transmit information.

Advisory Board Member Michael Hawley joined Former United States President Jimmy Carter at the American Museum of Natural History to unveil a new exhibit, Countdown to Zero: Defeating Disease.

Former speaker Daniela Rus (Boston 2014) has been named an ACM Fellow

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (cofounded by Advisory Board Member John Perry Barlow), ProPublica, and others are reporting this week on research by Stanford's Jonathan Mayer on Verizon's use of zombie cookies, in violation of its own privacy Verizon's advertising partner is Turn, not Datarati, but the Verizon/Turn scheme is precisely the single-device version of what Will Scully-Power shared with us at 2014 [next] in San Francisco.

Imagine attending a dinner party where you do not know any of the other guests and you may not disclose your profession until the very end! Former speakers Marco Tempest (Jersey City 2013 and Boston 2014) & Rick Smolan (Washington, DC 2013) did just that recently at an uber-influencer, master-networking salon:

Andrew McAfee (Jersey City – 2013) has a column out that just about everyone can relate to: The Surprising Benefits of Solitude

Another young boy gets an e-NABLE 3-D-printed arm and becomes a superhero (Jon Schull, San Francisco, Dec 2014); specifically, he is now a member of the Augusta, Georgia, division of the 501st Imperial Clone Troopers. The force is with him!

Wishing you warm thoughts,

The TTI/Vanguard Team

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