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2015 January 09

While we are happy to finally be allowed to watch The Interview, it doesn’t mean that we want to. However, Interstellar has a 2 thumbs up review from the TTI/V movie critic. Steve Jurvetson and Ed Lu (both San Francisco, 2013) attended a special preview of Interstellar to benefit the Sentinel Mission:

Plenty of entrepreneurs who graced the stage of TTI/Vanguard [next] 2014 were on full display at the week’s CES. One is the much-anticipated Glyph headphone Another is the much-loved drone also from Eric Cheng, And finally, Nixie joined Intel on the CES stage for a wrist-flicking good time:

While we are on the subject of treasured gadgets, let’s not forget Intel’s sexy bracelet—MICA—developed with Open Ceremony and Barneys:

The Pew Research Internet Project has published its next installment of its Web-at-25 series, results of its survey on The Future of Privacy, a theme that has woven through TTI/Vanguard conferences throughout its history (e.g., John Perry Barlow, Eric Haseltine, and David Vigilante, Atlanta, Feb 2014; Barry Steinhardt, Toronto, Apr 2008; Cedric Laurant, Miami, Jul 2005; Austin Hill, Austin, Feb 2001; Whit Diffie, Palm Springs, Feb 1995). Other past TTI/Vanguard speakers are listed as key contributors to the Pew Report: David Brin, Vint Cerf, David Clark, Jim Hendler, Herbert Lin, Craig Newmark, Tiffany Shlain, and Hal Varian

More from the Pew Research Internet Project – another recent report probes the impact of technology on workers. Major findings include the deep penetration of the Internet in the workplace and that workers experience an increase in productivity, despite the distractions and interruptions (Gloria Mark, Pasadena, Feb 2006; Eric Horvitz, Seattle, Dec 2006; Rick Robinson, Pittsburgh, Oct 2012) of Internet access, email, and always-available cellular connectivity.

By now, even the Pope is decrying inefficiency and calling for collaboration. If you think your organization is too big and disparate to collaborate, try having his job. We’ll address this critical issue, of course, in September with Collaboration & the Future of the Workplace being held in Washington, D.C. We have never had a Pope speak at TTI/Vanguard. Just FYI.

Dr. Hélène Mialet (London 2014) has an article which is worth reading for any Hawking fans (and who isn’t?)

Apple has been granted a patent for a smart pen that uses accelerometers to digitally capture what the user jots. As distinct from Livescribe's offerings, as detailed to TTIVanguard by James Marggraff (Miami, Dec 2011), Apple's -- if it ever goes to market -- will not require the use of special paper.

Greg Timms (Vienna, Jul 2013) relies on a distributed network of field-based soil moisture sensors to understand the micro and macro water needs in Tasmania, but in late January NASA will launch its SMAP satellite to monitor soil moisture and freeze/thaw state on a near-global basis from aloft.

Ionic Security (Adam Ghetti, Atlanta 2014) continues to take the security world by storm – this time landing on Dark Reading’s 20 Startups To Watch In 2015 list:

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