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Please see our weekly newsletter collection below. Our own staff and members contribute bits and bytes of interesting news and articles. They say that futurists make funny historians but we do our best to bridge that divide by illustrating our past themes and speakers as they develop and evolve. We hope that you enjoy reading these communications as much as we enjoy creating them for you. And if you have any news to share, please contact any member of our staff.

2014 October 24

Welcome to our 2nd TTI/Vanguard newsletter!  We promise to keep it short & sweet – and interesting!

[next] preliminary agenda is posted: Please register! Claudia Miklas has a trip planned to South Africa for mid-November so she is diligently working to get everyone registered for [next] and also to make sure that all new attendees have a thorough welcome call and archive/website tutorial. If any member of your team would like to learn more about the TTI/Vanguard archive and how to access all of our past materials, please reach out to Claudia

One of our members wanted to remind each of you that Irish coffee was actually refined and perfected in San Francisco -

Here are few news items about speakers and board members:

Advisory Board members Maria Bezaitiz and Nicholas Negroponte will be speaking at MIT's Design Driven Innovation event next week.

Ellen Levy was named to Marie Claire’s New Guard: The 50 Most Connected Women in America List

Ray Ozzie (November 2000, Atlanta) wants to exploit the many inefficiencies and frustrations of conference calls.

Hugh Herr (September 2005, Geneva) was awarded an American Ingenuity Award by Smithsonian magazine for his groundbreaking work in prosthetic science.

Seth Cooper (May 2011, Chicago) is empowering people from all over the world to solve advanced biochemistry problems by playing games.

Mira Calix (October 2013, Jersey City) performed live with a robot for the Ada Project.

PriceWaterhouse Cooper just released a report entitled "Health Wearables: Early Days," which indicates that few people who buy wearables stick with them very long or use them regularly. TTI/Vanguard has long been following this evolving technology from many angles and some health-monitoring wearables talks through the years include:

Sundaresan Jayaraman: The Wearable Motherboard, Phoenix, Arizona, October, 1999.

Astro Teller: Wearable Body Monitors: Body Media, Atlanta, Georgia, November 2000.

Astro Teller: Unobtrusive Wearable Body Monitoring, Phoenix, Arizona, December 2003.

Jim Gemmell: MyLifeBits, San Francisco, California, February 2005.

Nuria Oliver: Wearable Physiological Monitors, Seattle, Washington, December 2006.

Thad Starner: Computational Interfaces for Mobile Environments, Salt Lake City, Utah, December 2009.

Deborah Estrin: Telling Traces, Jersey City, New Jersey, October 2009.

Larry Smarr: Toward Digitally Enabled Genomic Medicine: The Patient of the Future, San Jose, California, February 2012.

Walter De Brouwer: Retro Tricorder of the 21st Century, San Francisco, California, December 2013.

Marco Della Torre: A Better Fitness Monitor, San Francisco, California, December 2013.

Show – don’t tell,

The TTI/Vanguard Team

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