TTI/Vanguard's member organizations represent global private, public, and academic sectors. Our speakers bring an unequalled richness of perspective and experience to TTI/Vanguard’s forums. See what they say about our sessions:
It was by far the best conference I've been to in my 30 years in industry!

Jon Rogers
Technology Director
BP America Inc.

Just an overall thank you! For me, this was all about inspiration and thinking differently. The conference did just that.

Tony Favorito
Director of Design
Mattel Inc./Fisher-Price, Inc.

[next] Day 1 (2013) was my favorite TTI day ever. The speakers transported us to the future, with innovative personalized technologies ranging from entertainment to transportation to health care.

David Bader
Executive Director of High Performance Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

I'm inspired.

Brooks Tobey
Senior Vice President, Strategic Systems and Emerging Technology
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

I observed an amazing environment of wide-ranging discussion, openness to ideas from any perspective, and a vigorous, but intellectually-focused rather than personal, debate. Overall I found the experience extremely inspiring and valuable and, in a small way, personally transformative. If I could attend every conference,
I probably would.

Bruce Cannon
Lead Innovation Architect
Mattel, Inc.

I was so happy to be there – what a great event. I was SO impressed with how personal the whole experience was. Being recognized the moment I walked in the door and continually being connected with other attendees by your staff put the experience over and above any other conference I have ever been to. Well done! What an intellectually stimulating experience. I'd love to come to EVERY one, though likely won't have the opportunity. I'll be trying, however!

Cornelia Davis
Senior Technologist

This was by far one of the best sessions I have attended. Great thought provoking subjects and speakers and plenty of time to interact and make new contacts.

Rickey Burks
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

I liked the conference format – especially the opportunity to interact with the speakers outside of the conference room. Even with their time demands, the speakers were gracious and eager to share their points of view. The community is interesting and stimulating. I really like the diversity of opinions, interests, and knowledge.

Jim Bieda
Senior Director
Cisco Systems, Inc.

I found this to be a very unique conference. I enjoyed meeting a variety of intellectuals and hearing perspectives that I would never have considered. Very insightful and to borrow a quote I recently heard "the mind is like a parachute--it works best when it's open". I felt like I came with an open mind and therefore, enjoyed the concepts shared by the group.

Jackie Head
Assistant Vice President, IT Operations

This was my first time. It was excellent. Superbly well run. Very thought provoking and engaging speakers (I had intended to get some work done, but ended up listening to the speakers all day!!!). Job well done!

Bart Paulhamus
Information Scientist
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

This conference got me thinking in different directions. I couldn't ask for more.

John Paulson
Research Staff Member

It has been a very interesting and enlightening meeting, with plenty of ideas.

Josep Bernat
Chief Revenue Officer

Great experience - I like the diversity of the presentations. Timing and organization are excellent.

Jean-Claude Grosselin
Senior Director, Technology and Development

Overall excellent conference. I have never wanted to see all the sessions in a conference before.

Peter Matthews
Vice President, Research
CA Technologies

The conference team staff were extremely competent and professional. They clearly have a passion for communication and creating an innovative and collaborative environment to exchange complex and important information.

Laura Odell
Research Staff Member

This was a top-notch conference, run extremely well. I look forward to attending again (newbie). I appreciate all of the facets/touches that you all prepared, etc.

Jeffrey Wiley
Senior Technical Advisor to the Associate Chief Information Officer for Cybersecurity

Thanks for the opportunity to present to such an amazing audience. You spend your whole life not meeting Alan Kay and then you meet him twice in a fortnight :) Very much look forward to staying in touch with the organization in the future.

Eben Upton
Founder and Trustee
Raspberry Pi Foundation

I very much enjoyed my time with the group and most importantly I learned a great deal. I did make a number of connections that I believe will be valuable to PlanetiQ. Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you or the organization.

Anne Miglarese
President and Chief Executive Officer

Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak at TTI. I would have written sooner, but the fantastic response from TTI attendees has kept me busy since I touched down. Just as you said, the TTI audience is eclectic, interesting, knowledgeable and fair. You run a great conference!

Damon Millar

Indeed it was my pleasure and I really enjoyed it. You did an excellent job in describing the audience and that was the main reason for my interest in participating. I believe to be able to innovate and come up with unique solutions we have to openly debate, challenge and engage each other. I saw that during the meeting. Thanks for the opportunity.

Professor Marwan K. Khraisheh
Dean of Engineering
Masdar Institute

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