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TTI/Vanguard’s 2019 SCHEDULE

Regional Meeting: Living with Robots
January 24, 2019 • Tokyo, Japan


IoT, Data, and the New Last Mile
March 4–6, 2019 • Fairmont Claremont, Berkeley, CA
March 4: Field Trip to Dynamicland and Welcome Dinner

By some estimates, the Internet of Things will have grown from 2 billion objects in 2006 to 200 billion by 2020. We are already seeing numerous consequences of all these devices, and the data they are throwing off: customer location and smart shelves in supermarkets; new highway traffic patterns; smart factory assembly lines; better weather prediction; faster and safer transit systems. IoT is redefining last-mile problems in the power grid, manufacturing, smart homes and offices, personalized medicine, supply chains, security, and of course telecommunications.


Robots, AI, and the Future of Work
June 13–14, 2019 • Omni William Penn, Pittsburgh, PA
June 12: Field Trip (TBD) and Welcome Dinner

Robots aren’t killing job categories so much as reducing the number of humans needed as we start to automate parts of jobs. Thus, we need to better understand human-robot collaboration—and not just in the workplace, but at home, and even, as the science and engineering of prosthetics advances, within and around our bodies. How much work should be done by the machines? How do we avoid a dangerous over-reliance on them? What systems will be the first to reach full autonomy? What happens to our institutions of work? And finally, the Skynet question: Will humans and machines continue to co-exist in the long term?


Blockchain and Other Networks
September 12–13, 2019 • Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C
September 11: Field Trip (TBD) and Welcome Dinner

“Blockchain is the most important new technology of the day.”
“Blockchain is just another database structure, and not a great one at that.”
“Blockchain isn’t even a database, it’s a network.”

It’s time for TTI/Vanguard to collectively sort out all the competing claims being made about blockchain, and find out today’s truth about it.

December 3–4, 2019 • Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA
December 2: Welcome Dinner

Who knows what's next? Consistently, TTI/Vanguard members who attend [next] do.

By 2028, members of Generation X will be eligible for Social Security, and more than half of iGen (aka Generation Z) will be in the workforce. New cars will be electric and will drive themselves. Moore’s Law will have come to an end although progress in 6G connectivity and machine learning will make it look like we’re still doubling computing performance. The first diseases will have fallen to CRISPR and other gene therapies, albeit with disturbing hints of unintended consequences. Amazon will still dominate retail, so much so that it has to defend itself in an anti-trust suit.

The past two year’s worth of [next] agendas have included talks on these topics, as well as crypto-currencies, mass customization, the economics of climate change, hypermodern farming, and the future of economic mobility.

Join us in San Francisco and find out what's next!

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