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December 4 –5, 2018
San Francisco, CA

by Nov 12, 2018



conference overview
Who knows what's next? Consistently, TTI/Vanguard members who attend [next] do. By 2027, the oldest members of Generation X will be eligible for Social Security, and more than half of iGen (aka iGeneration Z) will be in the workforce. Most new cars will be electric and will mostly drive themselves. Moore’s Law will have come to an end (according to Moore himself). Amazon will still dominate retail, and perhaps everything else. And brain-to-brain communication will be nearly a reality. The 2017 [next] agenda included talks on these topics, as well as cryptocurrencies, emotive search, the economics of climate change, hypermodern farming, AI-based art, and the future of economic mobility. Join us in San Francisco and find out what's next!

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