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A Deep Dive into Cognitive Computing
London, UK
Thursday, March 16, 2017
8:00AM – 8:30AM Breakfast
8:30AM -10:30AM Meeting



Across a number of industries, autonomous insights and actions, generated by Advanced Cognitive Computing Solutions, are changing the business and technology landscape.  These next-generation capabilities are digitally transforming the ways that leading businesses operate and the way they approach the marketplace. The potential of these new technologies is enormous and is now beginning to be realized

Leading Fortune 500 consumer products companies spend approximately 15% of revenue on trade promotion, which is approximately 50% of their sales and marketing budget. Supply chain operations add billions to these expenditures. Individually, these are the largest cost items for a company outside of cost of goods sold and human resources. These same Fortune 500 companies are racing to employ Advanced Analytics as the mechanism to drive sustainable competitive advantage the way that they used Lean and Six Sigma manufacturing capabilities previously to separate themselves from the competition.

New advances in cognitive computing over the past several years make it possible to optimize sales and marketing activities as well as understand the driving factors behind consumer behavior and supply chain operations. By combining advances in computational intelligence and semantic reasoning, a number of leading companies are already realizing these savings. You are invited to join TTI/Vanguard and Stephen DeAngelis, CEO of Enterra Solutions and Massive Dynamics, to take a deep dive into these three components of cognitive computing.

Along the way, we’ll discuss the benefits in terms of three case studies: automotive (supply-chain optimization); consumer products (trade promotion optimization); and retail category management.

Space is limited; please register on our website to reserve your place.

Stephen DeAngelis is a technology and manufacturing sector entrepreneur and patent holder with over 25 years of experience helping to pioneer the application of advanced cognitive computing technologies and applied mathematics to commercial industries and governmental agencies. As President & CEO of Enterra Solutions, LLC, he developed a cognitive computing platform, the Enterra Enterprise Cognitive System™, providing clients with advanced analytics and actionable insights. He is also CEO of Massive Dynamics, LLC, which provides cutting edge computational intelligence solutions. Stephen is currently the Visiting Professional Executive in Cognitive Reasoning Platforms in the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University. Stephen was formerly a Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and at the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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