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Networks, Sensors, & Mobility
May 3–4, 2016
(Opening reception/dinner May 2)
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
San Francisco, CA

FIELD TRIP – FULL – wait list only
Tesla Motors, Featuring a Factory Tour and Test Rides
May 5, 2016

Library Selection
Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror (Penguin, 2016)
By Michael V. Hayden



“Therefore, having obtained the opportunity from these sources, I too began to consider the mobility of the earth."
— Nicolaus Copernicus

"I want the entire smartphone, the entire Internet, on my wrist."
— Steve Wozniak

conference overview
Bell’s Law of Computer Classes predicted the smartphone decade, and that it’s about give way to a class whose typical members are millimeter-scale sensors. At the same time, “The Network Is the Computer” is steadily becoming our reality. There’s no better time to discuss the many topics that aggregate around Networks, Sensors, & Mobility.

list of speakers
Akram Boukai, Silicium Energy
Harvesting Energy from Heat

JoÃo Barros, Veniam
The Internet of Moving Things

Jay Gardner and Charlie Bogue, Wind + Wing Technologies
Wind-Powered Ferries

Steve Grobman, Intel
Securing the Internet of Things

Robert W. Heath, University of Texas
Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems—The Future of 5G

Chih-Ming Ho, UCLA School of Engineering
Phenotypic Personalized Medicine

Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive
Locking the Web Open

Kimmo Kalliola, Quuppa
Location Based Services and the Internet of Things

Alex Kendall, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
A Deep Learning Framework For Visual Scene Understanding

Jim Marggraff, Eyefluence, Inc.
Interpreting Focus From Eye Movement

Ray Ozzie, Talko Inc.
Mobile Team Communication

David P. Reed, Advisory Board Member TTI/Vanguard
The Co-Evolution of the Internet and Wireless: What's at Stake? 

Kyle Roche, Amazon Web Services Internet of Things
Managing Billions of Devices Via the Cloud  

Vamsi Talla

John Tolva, PositivEnergy Practice
The Array of Things: An Urban Sensing Project

Geoffrey West, Santa Fe Institute
Networks, from Nucleotides to Cities and Corporations

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