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TTI/Vanguard’s 2014 SCHEDULE
February 19–20, 2014 • Atlanta, Georgia
February 21, 2014 Field Trip - CNN Newsroom and Techwood Campus
A flood of technologies is washing away traditional boundaries between work and play, companies and governments, war and peace, near and far, virtual and physical, society and the individual. In its wake, a global nervous system is emerging as we connect billions of people with each other and with billions of newly smart objects. This unbounded organism is developing an unsurpassable intelligence, resistant to human control. Where is it taking us? Can we hope to understand it, control it, contain it?

Embracing Blur
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April 23–24, 2014 • Boston, Massachusetts
April 25, 2014 Field Trip -iRobot Corporation
Robots are rescuing earthquake victims, chopping vegetables, giving the wounded new limbs, driving cars, and lifting more beer than ever (58 kilograms, as of June 2013). Cars, 3-D printers, drones, and prosthetics are all robots! We're also creating robots in cyberspace. What will life be like when all the robots—physical and virtual—are connected to one another? Will robots replace humans in our economy or enhance us? We'll have as many live and video demonstrations as we can, along with some new perspectives on the entire field.

Connecting the bots
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REGIONAL BREAKFAST: New York, New York, May 13, 2014
How do you plant the seeds of innovation within your organization? Not just incremental improvements, but real, fundamental innovation?
Join us as two titans of computing, Alan Kay and Len Kleinrock, tell us about their current work and reflect on computing's Golden Age.
REGIONAL BREAKFAST: Washington, D.C., May 15, 2014
Corporate inertia, internicean battles, and the need for short-term profits are just some of the reasons long-term R&D is hard for large organizations. TTI/Vanguard advisory board members Alan Kay and Len Kleinrock are joined by systems consultant Robert Charette to discuss the ways companies can overcome these hurdles.
REGIONAL Meeting: San Francisco, California, July 7, 2014
Increasingly, established corporations are trying to figure out how to gain some entrepreneurial magic without necessarily buying (and perhaps overwhelming) the startups involved. Following the success of the Collaborate to Innovate workshop in Davos, the Fostering Entrepreneurship Council of the World Economic Forum is delighted to partner with TTI/Vanguard to create a roundtable to highlight the benefits for corporations of working with startups, and to share lessons learned so that they can do it more effectively. Please join Esther Dyson, Krisztina 'Z' Holly and Ellen Levy for an event of unparalleled content and networking.
July 22–23, 2014 • London, England
July 24, 2014 Field Trip - British Museum
From calculus to GSM, from wiring the Medgrid to printing 3-D stem cells in Scotland, Europe has always been, and continues to be, a hotbed of emerging technologies and start-ups. We're happy to announce our first European [next] meeting.
European [next]
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September 30–October 1, 2014 • Washington, D.C.
We continue to misunderstand programming.  Far from giving it pride of place as the single most important lever in creating the future digital world, programming is radically misunderstood as a minor technical detail. We don't teach it well; we design screens and widgets instead of computational models; we're not prepared to program non-silicon-based computers. We discourage designers from learning to think in programs—and programmers from thinking as designers. In a world of billions of sensors, exabyte databases, and millions of apps for billions of computing devices, it's time to rethink programming: how it's done, who does it, and how we teach it.
REGIONAL Breakfast: Chicago, Illinois, October 8, 2014
TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board member Doug Lenat and Stephen DeAngelis Founder, President and CEO at Enterra Solutions will talk about real-world business uses of cognitive computing that exist now and are being used by innovative companies.

December 4–5, 2014 • San Francisco, California
In 2014, we'll again focus on start-ups and technological change, but this year's meeting will also look at the places where those changes are starting to be constrained less by engineering than by physics itself—thermodynamics, quantum interactions, the very size of the atom, and, at the other end of the scale, the vastness of space.

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